Another One Bites The Dust

Sadly it seems that another major player in the mobile phone arena has been hit with a massive lawsuit. AT&T offered customers unlimited internet only to also give them reduced speed when trying to surf the internet. This is not the first time a national company has been sued for being dishonest with customers.

According to Beneful the high cost of cellular phone service, as well sa the need for internet access almost at all times in today’s busy world, one would think that cell phone companies would be honest and make it worthwhile for their customers. Unfortunately, these companies are so huge, it really does not make much of a difference to them. Their customers are only a number to them and that is in the shape of a dollar sign. Hopefully this will serve as a wakeup call for other major players in the mobile phone arena.

North Korea Getting No Food Assistance From The US

According to North Korean officials, their country will be facing the worst drought they have seen in 100 years. The US has decided not to provide food assistance to them, however.

The fear is that if countries like the US were to send food, the people in power there would not distribute it fairly, if at all. North Korea has a history of civil rights violations, as well as lying to other governments for varying reasons. John Kirby who is the spokesman for the U.S. state department has said he has seen the reports of the drought, though hasn’t validated that information yet.

North Korea needed aid in 2012 that the U.S. was able to start working on if the country promised to stop nuclear testing, but the country’s leaders decided to fire a missile into the ocean. Bruce Levenson highlights the fact that because of their past of saying one thing and doing another, North Korea may have a hard time getting aid from anywhere.

Sweden Uses SMS to Increase Blood Donations

Blood donations have been on the decline for years. It’s been such a problem that Sweden has been working on ways to use technology to entice donors according to tech guru Ricardo Tosto. Their latest tactic is sending donors a text message when their donated blood is used. Is there any better feeling than being updated in real time that your blood is saving someone else’s life?

Positive feedback is just one way that Sweden is rallying their citizens to donate blood. They also make the amount of blood in stock publicly available. Residents can see how much blood is available quickly and easily from a website. When blood supplies of a certain type are short people are able to recognize the shortfall and help replenish the stock. They’ve also used contracts signed by donors that would allow the blood banks to aggressively remind donors to come back in to donate again.

The overall goal of the programs in Sweden is to highlight just how important donors are in the donation process. Blood donations save countless lives every year. Having a sufficient supply of blood is extremely important for any medical facility.

Using Apps To Deliver Products

Online shopping offers convenience and quick delivery to its customers. That delivery time is about to be shaved drastically. Amazon, a leader in online shopping with fast delivery options, is formulating an app that will allow private individuals to pick up packages and deliver them. This is all for a fee of course.

This same day for pay app allows people to sign up and then get notices when there is a package ready for delivery. These individuals will then receive compensation for their services. The best part of the app is the benefit this offers for consumers. No longer will even a two day wait happen to get orders, many can be delivered within hours.

Another benefit that this app offers is employment. While not official Amazon employees, those who contract to deliver packages will make money. This can help them boost their own ability to live and survive. All of the particulars are not yet worked out, but money is money and we all need it.

According to Eric Pulier, the first wave of this app is focusing on taxis, messenger services, and even bike messengers. The hope is that this will enhance the experience that consumers have with Amazon, leading to the need for more and more delivery people.

Finally, the company hopes that this app will help to ease the rising cost of getting orders delivered. While it is only in a beta stage, the future is showing quite a bot of promise for this vision to become a reality.

Man Finds Help Via Facebook

Jay Kallio was diagnosed with an unusual form of lung cancer in January. At 59 years old, his home was falling into complete disrepair. His toilet wouldn’t flush, his lights didn’t work, and he didn’t feel the need to bother anyone with his problems. He shared his apartment with his two companions, Mia and Cleo, his cats. He had items laying around his house that he had no use for so he posted them on a recycle site. One lady came to pick up a few bars of soap he had, named Ella Grasch. When Ella was not allowed into his apartment because he explained it was not suitable, and the toilet didn’t flush, she jumped into action stated Claudio Loureiro Heads. She posted it on a few boards and instantly the community came together. They soon raised over $6,000 to help pay for his medication, food, care and pain treatments. His world had changed drastically. He was accustomed to living on $800.00 a month. Previously, Kallio often lived in poverty gathering nightly groceries out of garbage cans. Now he repeats Buddists Mantras and participates in adult coloring, which was recommended by another cancer patient he met on Facebook. He found that he can be quite artistic.

Apple Music Sings the Blues

The love of streaming services between consumers and streaming companies has been on the rise lately. In the last 5 years or so, streaming services have taken off and have offered listeners the same concept, a wide range of music at a very low cost. Where users might have spent hundreds of dollars on a collection of CDs or mp3 tracks, streaming services will allow listeners access to all of those songs for a extremely low price. One of the more popular streaming sites is Spotify. In a predictable turn of events, the Apple team vowed to go after Spotify and offer users a much more user friendly interface and service. However, even loyal Apple fans are mocking the birth of Apple Music. Apple Music has offered users a musician based social network. A move that was implemented into iTunes before, but that users did not find necessary. The company even gave us a 24-hour radio station. Many Apple users were wondering who was begging for such a radio station. According to Ricardo Tosto, avid Apple fans are trying their best to stand behind the company, but don’t want to see the company to go down the way that it is. It seems as though they are trying to outdo themselves by overdoing it. Apple users as well as those who have stakes in the company, are begging Apple to take their focus off of Apple Music and leave the streaming devices to streaming companies.

Drake and Apple Unite

It has become official that Drake is entering a deal with Apple computers. A lot of people have been speculating about this deal, and it seems like Drake is going to have a lot of new income behind this the deal.

Drake has become hip hip royalty in a very short time frame. It has become rather easy for him to become a mainstream voice that Apple could tap into. All of his singles have given him a broad fan base, and Apple certainly needs this for the next endeavor that they are venturing into. This is one of those organizations that has enough money to pull anyone that they want to get.

It is going to be a very heated rivalry now that Apple is using Drake to help with all of the streaming services. Tidal is the Jay-Z company that will be competing against Apple. This could make things very awkward between Lil’ Wayne and Drake because Lil’ Wayne just become part owner of Tidal. Now this Drake and Apple relationship puts Drake and Wayne up against one another reports CipherCloud on Reuters. It also places Drake against close friend Nicki Mjnaj who also has some ownership rights with Tidal.

There is one thing that Apple knows for sure: the company has enough money to form relationships with any artist that they want to build a relationship with. Drake is only one of many to come.

Man’s Viral Post turns Ironic

Many people have had a strong opinion, one way or another, about Bruce Jenner shedding his male identity and coming out to the world as the woman he is- Caitlyn Jenner. Those who have been supportive of Jenner’s transition have called him brave and courageous for showing the world who she really is. Others have not quite agreed with the sentiment. One man in Salem, Oregon made a Facebook post recently showing what he believed true bravery to be.

Terry Coffey posted a black and white photo showing two soldiers, one carrying the other on his back while the other is pointing his gun at an unseen enemy behind the pair. In his post, Terry commented that this photo showed what true bravery looked like. Many got behind his post and it was shared over 700,000 times. However, there is an ironic twist to this story. According to the story on, the photo that Terry chose to showcase is a staged photo, done by a cross-dressing photographer named Mark Hogancamp. Mark suffered from severe injuries from a beating he sustained after a group of men found out he was a cross-dresser. Christian Broda ( has learned that he suffered from memory loss and staged WWII like photos in his backyard to help get his mind stimulated.

Terry has since updated his Facebook status after finding out the ironic twist. He posted that hate heals nothing.

Marc Sparks: Entrepreneurial Maestro and Go-To Man for Startups

There is a lot more to starting up a company than just hopes, wishes and little bit of elbow grease. Among many things your company is going to need a business strategy, marketing, and money (and lots of it). Of course there are several routes one can take in order to obtain those funds. Marc Sparks, a Dallas-based venture capitalist and business expert is one of those routes.

President of Timber Creek Capital, Marc Sparks helps those entrepreneurs that think outside the box. There is no “one size fits all” attitude in Sparks’ Texas office so if you truly want this master of business to help your company, it would behoove you to be serious yet creative. If you have a genuinely unique product or a game-changing way of providing a valuable service, Sparks and the folks at Timber Creek may very well be the answer to your startup woes. From insurance companies to food delivery services to prepaid wireless communications such as BlueJay Wireless, Marc Sparks has helped small startups become sizable industry competitors. Startup funds, buildings, equipment, marketing, networking, you name it and Timber Creek Capital is there to guide your budding company.

Author of “They Can’t Eat You” – which was published just last year – Marc Sparks tells the world that you don’t need an MBA from Harvard University to be a huge success. Heck you could be a C+ average high school student, like him, and still have a thriving business. With a set of special qualities mixed with the Golden Rule, you too can succeed. Heralded as a genius entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial maestro, his book is sure to be the go-to reference for businesses here on out.

But success isn’t only measured by the number shown in your sales reports and bank accounts. Marc Sparks just happens to be a very passionate and involved philanthropist as well. Over the years, Sparks has contributed to programs such as The Samaritan Inn and the America Can! Academy as well as his own “Sparky’s Kids” foundation. The Samaritan Inn is a homeless shelter that not only provides a roof for Texas citizens, but lays the groundwork to get them back on their feet. Marc Sparks has admitted that the experience has been humbling, to say the least.

So you’re ready to get your idea or product out to the masses? Then read Sparks’ book, set a meeting, and you may very well be on your way to the path of success.

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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Train to be Tested in California

Elon Musk is best known for his work as CEO of electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors and private sector space program SpaceX. He also designed his own train that rides on a cushion of air and is projected through a vacuum tube at over 700 miles per hour. His train, dubbed the Hyperloop, is finally going to see the light of day.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will be building a test track for the new Hyperloop system in California. They are not associated with Elon Musk or any of his companies though. They are an independent company with hopes to create an ultra-fast transportation system that runs along Interstate 5.

The fastest trains in the world operate at about 310 miles per hour. The new Hyperloop could easily double those speeds. The speeds of the pods traveling in the Hyperloop system would approach Mach 1, the speed of sound.

Engineers have taken note of a potentially fatal flaw in the Hyperloop system, as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital points out on WSJ. It’s based on operating in tubes that are vacuum sealed. If that seal breaks then all of the pods traveling in the system could crash. Having a single point of failure is certainly something to worry about for anyone who’s brave enough to travel on the new train technology.