Dan Newlin Makes a Record in Helping Accident and Injury Victims Get Settlement

Dan Newlin is a prominent attorney with an outstanding reputation in handling personal injury lawsuits. Dan Newlin and his law firm serve Florida and Illinois states. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin has received recognition by Super Lawyer Law Firm. Only about 5 percent of lawyers and law firms in Florida earn this honorable recognition.

At the age of 20, Dan Newlin started his career in the law enforcement. He worked for Indiana Police Department and Fire Department in New Chicago before he joined the office of Orange County Sheriff in Orlando Florida. He was once a Sheriff’s Detective in Orlando and worked in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for 10 years. During his tenure in the law enforcement field, Dan Newlin handled various police details, which included auto theft and narcotic enforcement.

He was a Detective in Fugitive Division and apprehended numerous dangerous fugitives. His reputation in handling police details when working as a fugitive detective earned him various awards. United States Marshalls Office honored him for his great service and dedication in his work.

Dan Newlin joined Florida State College of Law in 1997 and graduated in 2000. Today, attorney Dan Newlin prides himself as licensed lawyer who offers his services in both Chicago and Illinois. His law firm has been known for offering excellent legal services to clients.

Attorney Dan Newlin has been able to recover close to over $150 million in various legal representations to his clients. He has helped many victims of accidents and injury to get their claims from damages they suffer. His law firm has grown from a small office being attended by one secretary to a boutique-styled legal firm that offers personalized services to its clients.

Dan Newlin focuses on the legal area of personal injuries where he handles cases related to truck accidents, car accidents, construction site accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrong death, and other injury cases. Attorney Dan Newlin helped Danielle Sampson, a personal injury victim to get compensation of a record setting $100 million.

Danielle Sampson was 15 years when she was hit by a stray bullet on the head that had been fired by a gang member fleeing a crime scene. At the time of injury, Danielle Sampson was in the back seat of their family mini-van when the shooting occurred. While Sampson was treated and taken in a rehabilitation facility, she remains paralyzed and cannot communicate properly.

Dan Newlin says that this was a great achievement and relief for the family since justice has been served. Attorney Dan Newlin has also helped another injury victim, Edward Krutsinger to receive $950,000 in settlement for the injury and damage suffered in a road accident at Interstate 4 in Seminole County.

Newlin and Evander Holyfield shared a spotlight when they put smiles on children battling with cancer through the Dan Newlin Miracle Project at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital.

Top 4 Beneful Dog Food Options

Beneful is one of the best of the dog brands in the world today because of what they can give dogs. You can expect your dogs to be happy with the results from this brand because of their unique approach to designing their food and the ingredients that they use. Beneful stands out amongst all the different food brands because of what it is that they offer and how it is that Haney make their foods.

Dry Dog Food With Salmon

This omega-rich nutritional bowl of dog food can give your dog with 100% of nutrients to thrive and stay strong. It can help them receive the most shiny coat possible to stay and keep their skin healthy. It is available in all kinds of weights to make it easy on your dog and their health. It has real salmon inside to help keep your dog strong. The sweet potatoes added, green beans, and the carrots all come together to give your dog the most nutrition possible.

Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends

This specific wet dog food is one of their top sellers with amazing reviews because of the wide variety of food that it has. It has salmon, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. Give your dog only the best food possible with nicely chopped food that’s properly blended well together. With a delightfully unique texture, it helps break apart the mealtime in a healthy and happy design.

Chopped Blends Chicken

This wet dog food of the brand brings together foods like chicken, liver, brown rice, peas, and sweet potatoes in a chopped and savory blend. Expect to your dog’s taste buds excited and happy with the ingredients very well blended together. With the added sauce inside, expect to behave a great texture added which can help extremely great taste. All the real chicken and liver mixed together with the other foods makes this a great meal.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

This treat for dogs is great not only for keeping them healthy and strong, this is great for reducing the plaque and tartar in the teeth. It can help support the teeth and bones, and it can easily freshen the breath right away. The food is made up of savory middles and accented real parsley. These four amazing products on Walmart from the company are definitely of the best in the business. The snacks, treats, and the wet and dog food are ll great to feed your dog to keep them strong and healthy.

Eric Pulier: One of the Greatest Minds

Eric Pulier is a man of many hats. He is an accomplished author, entrepreneur, and technologist. He have discovered more than fifteen companies and have raised millions for the companies that he have founded or co-founder throughout the years. Some of the companies Pulier founded and co-founded includes Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Akana, and Enterprise Cloud leadership council just to name a few.

He received his high school degree from Teaneck High School in the year 1984. After a successful high school life, he then we on to attend Harvard University. During his college career, he studied English & American Literature, Computer Science, and Visual & Environmental Science. He also was an editor of a weekly column for the Harvard Crimson. He graduated from Harvard in 19888.

For the 2nd inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, Pulier was pick to build and oversee the “Bridge to the 21st Century. There were thousands of people who was in attendance for the multi-day event. During that time, Pulier was featured on almost every new station in the country. During the event, he had shown the effect of exponential technologies on how we are not too far from the distance future.Some of the categories included health care, education, entertainment, community, family, space exploration, the environment, and family. He had also managed all of the other aspects of the event. He was in charge of staffing, press, and security.

Pulier is also a giving and charitable individual. Throughout the years, he has invested in many charitable organizations. He also invests in many startups that focus on media and technology. Another hat that Pulier wears is that he is also a philanthropist. Early on in his career, Pulier created multimedia educational programs that teach individuals with Multiple Sclerosis about their diseases for the Multiple Sclerosis programs. Pulier’s work had paved the way for great things. People can now utilize their PC for difficult multimedia educational experience. An individual may now also use a peripheral beam device that users without an enormous amount of motion control for keyboard can be used to take quizzes and interact with the system. In 2010, he was also honored at the US Doctors of Africa benefits event in New York City. He was an honor for his work of bringing technical innovation to the people of Africa who needed help with healthcare.

Pulier have made plenty groundbreaking inventions throughout his life. He also created a computer learning modules for kids that have been diagnosed with diabetes. The game allow the children to experience what it is like to see what is happening with their sugar levels in their bodies.Pulier is truly one of the greatest minds.

Highland Capital Wins Prestigious Award

The HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award for 40 ACT Fund Equity is one of the most prestigious awards in the financial fund sector, and this year Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund has gained this distinction. This is a notable success for Highland Long and offers proof of years of hard work and long standing success in the hedge fund sector.

Investment expert Michael Gregory and his team of 10 financial fund experts are the brains behind this success, suggests James Dondero Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management.

The HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Awards are of considerable note in the industry. It’s this award that recognizes special hedge funds and ’40 Act Funds. These are special funds that outperform in many capacities their competitive, and the award is based on both quantitative and qualitative factors.

This fund managed by Michael Gregory, the head of Healthcare Credit and Equity, as well as CIO at Highland Alternative Investors is one of the largest sectors for Highland with a current asset base of over $3 billion. It is the combined 130 years of experience of Michael and his team of investors that have brought such prestige to the company.

Gregory stated in a recent interview, “It is our sustained performance and risk management that attracts investors from all over. This award is appreciation and noteworthiness of our efforts.”

Highland Long Short Healthcare Fund offers long-term capital gains through risk management and the investment in public equities across many sectors.

Highland Capital Managemet is an investment company which holds an estimated $20 billion of managed assets for customers. It was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and Jim Dondero. Today it is a prestigious investment firm with some of the most experienced global investors with investments in many global alternatives and healthcare funds. The firm specializes in hedge funds, credit strategies, private and distressed equity and collaterized loan obligations as well as other investments.

Handy’s Recent Growth And Funding

Mobile applications are all the fuss in today’s technological realm. Nearly all large companies operate online in one form or fashion, and those who do not are swept under the rug with due time. Until a few years ago, finding someone to clean a home has been quite the task. Handy is a mobile app founded in 2012 that lists cleaners’ schedules and availability in an easy to use interface for clients to select from.

Handy is one hundred percent free to use to become familiar with or search for cleaners. The only fees are taken from the cleaners in the form of a twenty percent booking fee.

The founders, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, have helped Handy grow to be used in 28 cities in three countries, with the most being right here in the United States. Handy came about in 2012 when the two founders shared a room with each other at Harvard College.

Handy has been in headlines lately because they have gotten fifty million dollars in funding to increase the quality of services already provided in those 28 cities in which Handy already is located. At the end of 2016, Handy is supposed to branch out and start working in new cities. Handy has grown rapidly and consistently since it started back in 2012.

Handy is available to download from any mobile device essentially and there is also a website where curious potential users can find more about it. Handy is well-known for their innate sense of customer service and treating customers with great respect.

Brian Bonar’s Rise to the Top in Business

As the world is dealing with the issues of financial complexity that have been challenging the economy, the need for experts who understand the financial markets is rising. The demand for financial guidance in today’s globalized economy has never been so high. This why financial advisers such as Brian Bonar have become very famous and popular in the world of business. Bonar is the current big name in finance and his acumen in financial markets has won him great admiration among his peers and admirers across the world. Being the leader of Trucept, he has risen to the top of his career as a reputed Finance Executive. He has some of the most effective leadership strategies and this has been clearly displayed by his success in Trucept.

In addition to leading Trucept to the highest level in the financial trade business, he is also the immediate former leader of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He left a legacy there and his management skills has remained to be fundamental pillars of the company’s operations. Interestingly, Bonar is not a trained business man but an engineer by profession. As such, one is left to wonder how engineering can lead to a successful career in a totally different area of operation. However, the skilled engineer has been using his creative mind and skills in structuring to crate workable managerial structures.

Academically, the renowned financial advisor is also very well educated in his field of interest which is engineering. He has a degree in technical engineering as well as a masters in the same filed. He has worked in many companies including IBM and QMS where he actually practiced the skills he learned from the university. Before moving on to start his own company, he first gathered some marketing experience from working as a sales manager in Adaptec. He later moved on to start his own company called Bezier Systems. Even after starting his own company, Bonar was still consulted and he also worked for several other companies.

Bonar has since specialized in mergers and acquisitions and his skills have elevated him in this career leading to numerous awards that he has won over the years. At Trucept, Bonar helped the company to build up its name as a financial services advisory company based on his skill to create structures for financial management. His greatness has since been acknowledged the world over as he currently gives financial advises to big corporations and governments as well. On the other side, he continues to serve humanity with his philanthropic personality helping out in charity organizations as well funding community help projects. He is a true example of a real entrepreneur through his unhesitant risk taking personality and his compassionate traits.

Who Is This Man?

George Soros is a mover and a shaker, one who wears many hats. He is a philosopher, a philanthropist, an author, and an investor. This man, who is one of the wealthiest people in the world with a personal fortune of $13 billion, is George Soros.

George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate born in Budapest on August 12, 1930. During the Nazi occupation of Budapest, Soros’ family of non-practicing Jews was split up purposely by his father to reduce the chance of them all being killed. The family eventually emigrated from Hungary to England in 1947 where Soros attended the London School of Economics. In 1956 Soros moved from England to New York City where he began working as an arbitrage trader for F.M. Mayer (1956-59). That was followed by a position with Wertheim & Company as an analyst of European Securities on investopedia.com. He stayed there until 1963. After many years working for others, Soros began working for himself. In 1967 he was a partner in the creation of an offshore investment fund called First Eagle Fund. Using his own money in 1969, he set up the Double Eagle Fund, the fund which became the basis of the Soros Fund.

Mr. George Soros on washingtontimes is a supporter of many liberal political causes and because of this many see him as a dangerous “leftist demagogue.” Mr. Soros, however, realizes that his success as a financier has given him opportunities that many others don’t have, and it has given him the freedom to take a stand on controversial issues. This stand has resulted in an activism and created philanthropic efforts that have changed the lives of people the world over.

The philosophy of an open society is one dear to Mr. Soros’ heart. An open society is one whose moral codes are based on universal principals that seek to enhance the welfare of all people. The ideals of an open society are that individual rights are expected and respected, that governments are accountable, and that no one has a monopoly on the truth. The philanthropic work of Soros’ Open Society Foundation began in 1979 with scholarships that were awarded to black South African students under apartheid. The success of that effort helped create a network of foundations, partners, and projects in more than 100 countries.

George Soros is an interesting man who is not moved by what others think of him. He is involved in things that he believes will make a better world.

Human Rights Defector Yeonmi Park Leads Next Generation Freedom Effort, North Korea Exposed!

Yeonmi Park brought nations to tears when she publicly revealed the revelations of her horrors back home. The North Korean native has painted the world’s fifth-largest war-empire, a silent nation of terror. Her allegations were heartbreaking and shocking. The country’s reigning dictator, Kim Jong-UN parades as a poised, beloved, monocratic ruler.

Unfortunately, Ms. Park gave the world a peek into her dark, gruesome past. Her broken heart has found a new muse as she continues an inspirational journey spreading awareness worldwide about cruel realities.

As expected, she’s become a global sensation for her heroism. Unfortunately, Kim Jong-Ann isn’t a fan, she’s recently learned. Now attending an elite school, Dongguk University based in Seoul, South Korea, she’s finally enjoying a positive life.

The young defector is a criminal justice student. She’s content, but still worries about her fellow citizens and friends back home. In fact, she’s received news of her family and colleagues being tortured after surviving intense interrogation. Some have lost their jobs and failed to secure employment because of their relation.

Yeon-mi has been a victim of abuse during her time there and in China. She’s witnessed countless executions and human abuse before she escaped North Korea’s horrors. In fact, she was an eyewitness to her friend’s mother’s brutal execution. Sadly, Yeon-mi was only thirteen. 

Yeon-mi’s book, “In-Order-to-Live,” dubbed earlier this year, revisits her horrid experiences. Still mourning a sister and father, Yeonmi has collected what pieces she can to restore normalcy to her life. She, her mom and sister made it to China. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find her sister and haven’t seen her since their last encounter.

She’s believed to have passed away since China’s hardship echoed resoundingly. Yeonmi recollects being sold into human trafficking and escaping a rape attempt at the expense of her mother’s pride. She was finally able to request her dad to join, a convenience extended by her master. Sadly, he didn’t live long. He soon passed away from Cancer. 

Yeonmi’s family was among the privileged before her once-happy world crumbled. After her father’s precious-metal trading business got compromised and he went to jail, everything changed. The accusation laid against him seem petty elsewhere, but not North Korea. His punishment was harsh according to Yeon-mi.

The family lost everything and the suffering was real. The world’s opinion of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has since gone cold. It’s mysterious how he’s kept the country’s scandal under wraps when it’s a nation crying for rescue underneath its cheerful demeanor. Yeonmi was a prisoner of her thoughts where she couldn’t express feelings that didn’t align with the North Korean leader’s vision. 

Today, the famed defector has graced numerous talk shows and print media. In fact, the world-news giant Washington Post is among elite media outlets that featured her. Other mentions include SBS Insight, Voice of America, BBC2, Radio Free Asia and more. She’s been a regular on “Now-On-My-Way-To-Meet-You,” a popular South Korean number.

The talk show has centered focus on uniting Koreans, North and South alike. Her podcast number featuring Casey Lartigue is another successful achievement she’s earned after rebuilding a life in the compassionate South Korea. She has an association with a handful of human rights projects, including NAUH (Now, Action, Unity-and-Human-Rights), Freedom Factory Co. Ltd Media Fellow and the global North Korean Refugees effort of which she’s an ambassador.

Biography of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a highly successful finance executive. He is well-known for being the leader of Trucept, Incorporated. Mr. Bonar has an extensive background in business leadership, having a lead role in other companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation. His love of the design process ultimately drives his approach as an exceptional manager. Over the course of his career, he has developed a reputation as a phenomenal leader who has a strong passion to achieve the aspirations and goals of clients and team members. His portfolio features a diverse set of skills that create results and have had the power to build projects, teams, and relationships. His main passion is to work in creating, developing and delivering collaborative solutions so that he will be able to build trust from clients through each opportunity that comes his way.

The vast majority of Bonar’s success can be understood by his technical skills and background. He attended James Watt Technical College where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. After graduating from undergraduate school, he went on to receive his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Mr. Bonar has an exceptional history in business. He worked as a procurement manager for IBM. He also eventually became the Director of Engineering for QMS. When working this position, he manged over 100 people. After leaving the job at QMS, he continued his role as a manager at Adaptec. After getting sufficient management experience, he began his own company called Bezier Systems. He worked for a variety of other companies before finally finding substantial business success with Dalrada Financial Services.

The approach Bonar takes is what makes him so highly successful. Mergers and acquisitions are his two specialties. His creative approach to life combines the genius of one who is an engineer with the creativity of an architect.

Bernardo Chua Should Be Looked Up To For His Wise Decisions

Bernardo Chua is an inspiring man, just reading his words can really inspire. He has worked hard to make his career into all that it is today, and everyone who looks to him for some inspiration will be sure to find it. He started out his career by working hard for every company that he worked at, and he was able to gain a lot of experience and knowledge through doing that. He was able to take all of the things that he learned through the many years that he had spent in business, previously, and he was able to apply it to the company that he started up on his own.

Bernardo Chua’s business experience, combined with the passion that he felt toward the Chinese herb that he has been promoting with his company, has helped him to succeed. He has been able to spread the herb all over because of how good he believes it to be, and many people have gotten excited about trying it out and seeing if it really gives them all of the health benefits that it is supposed to.

Bernardo Chua has done well with his life, that’s easily clear from following him on Facebook,  in the way that he started out in his career, and in the way that he started up his own company, and he will be sure to keep doing good things as long as he is working.  The motivational photos he continues to share on Instagram are a definite boost to the workforce at large. He’s a smart and ambitious man, and he is someone that every person who is hoping to do big things in their life should be looking up to. He believed that learning a lot from the companies that he was working for was a good idea, so that is what he always made himself do. He knew that starting a company based around a product that he felt passionately about was something that he also wanted to do, and he has been able to do well in that. Bernardo Chua is definitely someone worth looking up to, and following on Vimeo, for all of the wise decisions that he has made and the inspirational speeches he continually posts.