Affordable Wireless Services for All Needs

Mobile wireless companies provide a variety of services. Some of these include turning your phone into a hotspot, various data plans for both phones and tablets, messaging, local calling, and international calling. These wide range of services are offered at multiple prices and capacities by various mobile wireless carriers to be affordable to all consumers.

One of the the mobile wireless companies that provide such services is FreedomPop. One of the most budget friendly options available, FreedomPop offers free calling, messaging, and data to consumers up to a limited allowance. In addition to the phones that you can purchase from it, FreedomPop also allows customers to bring your own compatible Sprint phone to use on their network. While FreedomPop already has coverage across the United States, TechCrunch reports that it has been working on expanding it’s network across various countries in Europe, and Asia.

Although FreedomPop offers free basic service, consumers also have the option to pay for extras. These extras often include additional minutes, text messages, and gigabytes of data. FreedomPop also offers a $5 a month unlimited Wifi plan where customers would have access to over 10 million hotspots across the United States. Perhaps it’s most innovative service is the 4G-Enabled iPod Touch Case. This case creates a mobile hotspot on the back of the case allowing multiple devices to connect to it, wifi free. Also available from FreedomPop is a Privacy Phone, an older Galaxy S2 with strong security software that encrypts calls and messages. It also transfers data through a virtual private network (VPN) that hides the identity of the origin.

Although it may not be the carrier of choice for everyone, FreedomPop is an affordable option for those needing wireless service. Throughout the United States, there are various mobile wireless carriers that can also provide various unique services for the wants and needs of their unique consumers.

The New Jersey Real Estate Market Is On The Rise


New Jersey real estate industry has taken a major hit over the last few years. Between high taxes and slow job growth, the industry has suffered. However, there are a number of reasons why New Jersey is on the cusp of a major comeback. 

For the time being, banking rates are at a low point and the federal government is allowing home buyers low down payments. Many real estate agents are expressing optimism because they haven’t heard their phones ringing. 

There are many reasons why the New Jersey housing market is on the uptick: smarter technologies; The rise in demand for homes; the influx of new buyers and real-time apps that makes the agent’s job a lot easier. The buying surge alone can translate into a 3.5% price drop. 

Veteran New Jersey real estate broker Omar Boraie sees a lot of potential. His latest project – the luxury “Aspire” high-rise – is a 40-year-old dream he’s finally seen to fruition. As owner of Boraie Development LLC, he decided that the dilapidated buildings and homes around New Brunswick were an eyesore; so he bought them.

He is now on a quest to completely revamp the area and bring prosperity back. Boraie Development LLC focuses on all areas of the urban real estate market and are building office space, residential condos and even a parking garage. Boraie refuses to take all the credit and says others have contributed to the area’s rebirth. He is hoping the area draws more professional people back, which will in turn bring vibrancy to the neighborhood. 

Although the New Jersey real estate market is improving in increments, most brokers believe there will be a noticeable difference within a couple of years. More and more families and single people are expressing interest in buying a homes. This is very good news for New Jersey.

Brian Bonar and the Business World

The world economy is run by those who engage in various business transactions. Without business, there would be no exchange of currencies by different countries in the world. It is for these reasons and many others that those people who are at the top when it comes to business world are highly regarded by everyone. Most countries rely on the business sector for revenue through tax collection as well a form of job creation for their countries. Many people all over the world try to make a name in the business world as this leads to one becoming influential even in government’s key decision making.

One such person who has made headlines as one of the most successful business executive is Brian Bonar (PRNewsWire). He is the chairman and senior most officer of Trucept Inc. which specializes in providing outsourced human resources, payroll solutions among other professional services that companies prefer outsourcing other than incurring the cost of employing experts in those fields. The company was previously known as Smart Tek Solutions Inc and Brian Bonar joined it in 2009 as the president. Before he joined Trucept Inc.he was working for Tradeshow Products Inc. He also serves in various boards either as a director or the chairman. One such company is Dalrada Financial Corporation where he joined as a director of technology sales in 1992. He became the chairman of the board in December 1999. His expertise and experience has seen him serve various companies in different positions attracting a lot of respect among his peers in the business world.

One of the key factors to success in business is the incorporation of technology in the day to day operations. Most of the leading corporations in the world have embraced technology in their key operations and hence their success. With technology, communication between the management and staff has been made easier as well as ways of advertising products and services. The internet has also become a key tool for marketing as the world can now easily access information from the internet. Companies are therefore seizing the opportunity by reaching as many customers as possible through the internet.

Financial decisions have to be made in the day to day activities of a business. It is therefore great when such decisions are well thought of failure to which can lead to a company collapsing. It is for this and more reasons that companies tend to engage consultants when it comes to financial decisions to guide them through. They will consider the effect of a decision to the present and the future of the company a reason as to why they engage experts.

FreedomPop Getting Closer to Launching Free Mobile Service

FreedomPop has taken a step closer recently to being able to release their free mobile service to the public. Stephen Stokols, the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of FreedomPop has recently announced that the company raised funding for their start-up. Stokols has said that the $30 million that has been raised for FreedomPop will be used to make the company more independent.

Stokols said that there were several established carriers that were interested in purchasing FreedomPop, however their goal is to grow the business at this point- not sell. While Stokols is not saying who those companies were, there is some speculation that cable companies, other mobile phone services, or large tech companies could have been behind the offers to buy it. The goal established by Stokols is to make FreedomPop a billion dollar company over the next 18 months. He plans on raising more money for funding before that can become a reality though.

FreedomPop is a mobile service that is planning on offering their users free text, data, and voice bundles around the world. Users will have an option to purchase additional services if they wish to. The company plans on, and is on track to have nearly 1 million users in the United States alone by the end of this year. FreedomPop is also moving in the direction to be launched internationally soon. Their plan is to offer their services first to the United Kingdom, then around Europe after that.

For the full story on FreedomPop and their progress, check it out on

Brad Reifler’s Investment Tips

In a recent Reuter’s article, “Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investing” helpful tips for investors are revealed while prompting the fact that he is in business to help all investors.

Reifler gives away valuable tips for individuals that would like to safely and lucratively invest their money. With help of the below five tips, Reifler feels that anyone can become a successful investor.
1. Be smart about investing by understanding all the hazards, fees, and costs involved. Also, be sure to take the time to adequately access your assets while creating goals.
2. Since it is your money, stay concerned about it.
3. Avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket, such as the stock market.
4. Meet and research the person that you have chosen to invest your money.
5. Discover why you are wishing to invest and reflect on those goals. Also, be mindful of how much you invest and if a certain investment is lucrative then increase the amount that you have invested.

Brad Reifler believes that having a variety in one’s investment portfolio is the secret to being a successful investor. Though diversity is believed to be the key, the article reveals that this type of investment has been set aside for the 1% of investors that were categorized as wealthy.

Reifler own firm was previously only assisting wealthy investors until now. Reifler has changed his approach to investing and who he serves. Reifler currently works with 99% of investors that are not a part of the wealthy bracket. The journey for creating diversified investment opportunities for 99% of the population has not been easy, but Reifler has set out to become a firm for the people, by creating a public fund that anyone would have the ability to invest in.

Visual Search Technology: Mobile Marketing At Its Best

Visual technology uses apps that use mobile marketing strategy to the fullest. Today’s consumer is smartphone savvy and statistics show that most purchases are researched on personal devices with the most efficient and responsive apps.Internet searching is being done at faster speeds not only to wifi and broadband but the abilities and preferences of searchers have dramatically increased. Consumers no longer want to wait for downloads, go through numerous pages or take time to do more than they think they have to to get an answer. They want to get to the point quickly or they will go elsewhere. being able to supply the viewer with an image of a product they are seeking, the color or style they want and purchasing information right away and in a visually appealing format gets their attention, their purchase and their enthusiastic sharing.

Sales increase along with customers.Visual search allows a customer to scan a photo of a desired item and then use it as a search term instead or in addition to a keyword. The program then scans the company’s catalog or website for similar items as well as color and size matches. It also suggests other related items. The app is used in companion with the company’s mobile site and coordinates order, payment, and customer services all in one. Designed to fit the parameters of the site this app makes mobile shopping quick, easy and simple. Many noted retailers use this technology to expand sales and consumer reach.

Slyce is an exciting, innovative and client-focused company that custom designs apps for the optimum visual search strategies. Making this exciting and highly profitable app available to merchandisers is their goal. This exciting and evolutionary search process is an absolute must-have for retailers and merchandisers. Slyce is leading the way.

Writing a Wikipedia Page

In order to be able to write a page for Wikipedia it must be about a company’s technology or a person who has done something very important.

Prior to writing and trying to place pages on Wikipedia you must learn what the Wikipedia community wants and how they desire the articles. Also what type of articles they will allow. Do your research before writing and this will help you to be able to do a great job if you want to make a wikipedia page through GetYourWiki.

Before you even decide on or write the content to place on the Wikipedia pages there is one thing that must be done. You must register as a user. This will allow you to make changes also to existing pages. Doing this is straightforward. However, one tip is that your real name and not a pen name should be used. Just as your real email address.

The next thing is to start small. Making small edits first before writing your masterpiece will allow you to find out if the Wikipedia editors will allow your style of writing. Become familiar with the way Wikipedia is managed. This will help you to become an auto-confirmed user. It will allow you to perform some restricted functions, which include uploading images and maybe even moving pages to another public space.

You must do your research. For instance, if you are writing about a noted person you must have proof, which may include places where they may find, printed material about the notable person that you are writing about. Everything must be factual. It also must be unbiased. Links to the sites that have facts must be incorporated into your article.

If there are any images that you wish to include in your article be sure they are not copyrighted. The next step is getting down to writing and posting you article to Wikipedia. If you write it on say word, you must cut and paste it to the Wikipedia interface and then it must be formatted to the Wikipedia interface from there.

It can be formatted or add it to your Talk Page.

The last part for you is to submit your page for review. You must be sure that it is complete and error-free. Then and only then will you submit it to Wikipedia for review.

This process may take a few days or it may take many weeks to get a response.

Freedompop Quickly Growing in Popularity

If you haven’t heard of ambitious goals of FreedomPop yet, you will soon. Their company has found success since 2012, and is now challenging the features of national phone service carriers by providing free voice and data plans for users that switch. Phone users often complain about the high prices of phone plans, and FreedomPop was listening closely when it developed its brilliant plan. The company originally got major funding from Niklas Zennstrom, the founder of Skype, and FreedomPop follows a similar system. The company does not own its own wireless infrastructure, and is instead dependent upon a mobile virtual network operator, otherwise referred to as an MVNO. That means they buy data at a wholesale price, funneling the savings down to the consumer.

FreedomPop is getting close to its one millions subscribers mark, and many can now buy a FreedomPop brand phone, which has essentially the same functionality of a Samsung or HTC phone. A surprising amount of features are available for free – up to 500 texts and 200 voice minutes. A customer would have to work hard to generate more talk time than that. Voicemail and an increase in allowances are available for a minimal fee.

A recent initiate for the company is the implementation of an incredible deal of WiFi service: users can get unlimited service across ten million US hotspots for only five dollars a month. The CEO and cofounder of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols, explained in a press review that the first wave of WiFi hotspots will only be about ten million across the country, and will quickly grow to a larger number in more rural communities. It will start out as an app accessible by iPhones and Android smartphones.

This new program is likely to heavily compete with other companies services, which provide limited service for several time more the monthly rate. FreedomPop learned than nine out of ten times, mobile phone users are connecting to WiFi for internet access. Stokols recently stated “This is the opportunity to deliver value regardless of what carrier the user is on. For $5 a month, you can cut your cellular data bill in half. You’d only need a 300 MB plan for that 5­-15% of time when not on WiFi.”

The company has successfully been given over nineteen million dollars to further develop their varied initiatives, and they are hoping to spread the incredible offers to other countries.

Predicted Overshadowing of Web Streaming Services by Apple

There is a big elephant in the corporate headquarters for web streaming services like Tidal, Spotify and Pandora. None of these companies have devised a plan to stop Apple from entering the world of web streaming. No one is even addressing the issue, but the elephant that these companies have been trying to ignore is ready to be unveiled to the public.

Jim Dondero knows that Apple is coming to web streaming whether the competition likes it or not. This is a heated discussion among fans because the very apps that people use to connect to Spotify and other web streaming services are found in the App Store, an Apple product. This clearly gives Apple the competitive advantage before the company even launches their web streaming services. Everyone is already in tune with Apple products and software. Apple believes that it will be a smooth transition.

For the most part Apple has been able to stay on top because the company has produced a quality phone. Millions of people line up for this product every time that a new one is released. It is safe to say that Apple has built a brand loyalty that is unlike anything else that is out there.

There are people that hate Apple, but this crowd of Android users cannot stop Apple from becoming number one in web streaming. Right now Apple appears to be one of the companies that will dominate.

Another One Bites The Dust

Sadly it seems that another major player in the mobile phone arena has been hit with a massive lawsuit. AT&T offered customers unlimited internet only to also give them reduced speed when trying to surf the internet. This is not the first time a national company has been sued for being dishonest with customers.

According to Beneful the high cost of cellular phone service, as well sa the need for internet access almost at all times in today’s busy world, one would think that cell phone companies would be honest and make it worthwhile for their customers. Unfortunately, these companies are so huge, it really does not make much of a difference to them. Their customers are only a number to them and that is in the shape of a dollar sign. Hopefully this will serve as a wakeup call for other major players in the mobile phone arena.