Combination American Breakfast and Pizza


Do you enjoy the All-American egg-and-ham breakfast? Do you like pizza? Well, why not combine them?

With a single tablespoon of butter, a 12-inch pre-made whole wheat pizza crust, a fourth cup of peas, four eggs and just a cup of shredded Parmesan cheese, you can. It’s very quick to make. Just be sure to pre-heat your oven to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit and turn your stove to medium. First, you will need to melt the butter and scramble the eggs in a skillet. Then take a light brushing of olive oil onto your crust before adding the other contents onto it. According to Sergio Cortes, it bakes in about ten minutes or just be sure that the cheese is melted before pulling it out of the oven.

Once you’re ready to pull it out, it is recommended to slice it into about eight pieces. As a result, this pizza is the perfect healthy meal on the go and, depending on how many people are living with you in your place of residence, it can also be eaten as a leftover.

Kyle Bass Foresees Troublesome Market

Kyle Bass is known for many things, amongst them being a political commentator. Currently he operates as the leading force of Hayman Capital Management based in Dallas, Texas. Bass is originally from Argentina, though he operates in the US, and has controversial ties to socialist president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The thing is, his acumen is difficult to discount.

UsefulStooges have suggested that Kyle Bass has successfully predicted sweeping economic trends in a number of markets. Perhaps his most famous prediction concerned the housing bubble that had a domino effect on the global economy and stemmed from sub-prime lending practices across America. Bass saw the bubble would burst and said as much in the public sphere. He also predicted economic crisis in Japan and Europe successfully, and has been making noises about China’s economy for most of the last year.

Recently Bass likened emerging markets with a Baseball allegory, saying they’re “probably in the mid-fifth [financial] inning [and] still have three tough innings to go.” He supposes there will be a lot more pain before the cycle concludes. Of Brazil, Bass believes no solution will facilitate recovery but the rooting out of all corruption. There is a ten year long scandal called “Operation Car Wash” which stretches all the way to the highest echelons of the nation’s leadership, according to Bass. The scheme was of the kickback variety and apparently managed to funnel some two billion dollars to company executives and politicians from Petrobras.

But Bass didn’t stop with Brazil, pointing out that Putin seems to be playing a global game of Chess, and contrasting the economic gloom and doom he saw by recognizing India’s increasing economic potential. Bass wrapped up his analysis indicating China would have to devalue currency in the wake of their economic banking implosion patterned after America’s own kerfuffle in 2008. Bass further pointed out China’s establishment of currency value being based on the dollar ended up being a good investment, and alluded to a future profit for his firm by indicating involvement with the currency.

Bass has a long history of profiting from the decline of big systems. He started an organization called The Coalition For Affordable Drugs. Ostensibly their aim was to decrease costly-but-necessary medication such that those who needed it could afford it. In reality, Bass’ successful campaigns cut costs and therefore stock value on a number of big-ticket pharmaceutical companies’ medicines, which he then short-sold.

Whatever happens in China and emerging economies the world over, the trend with Kyle Bass seems to be profit. Whether his initiatives are part of a bigger program involving Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her political ideology, or just exceptional economic acumen, remains to be seen. What makes sense in either scenario is to consider Bass’ predictions in light of his previously successful operations.

Can The Real George Soros Please Stand up

George Soros is as legendary as they come and has described himself as the one-eyed king among the blind. Market analysts have put him on the same pedestal as William Buffet, and the two have been described as .400 hitters. It is a baseball terminology for a star player.

George Soros used the lack of information in the market to make a killing in the European market. In the 60’s no sophisticated computers were doing the trading.

George of is not one to hide his trading methods. His book the alchemist for finance reveals his secrets in details. It is a book that has taught many wannabe traders how it’s done. It’s a book that has empowered many traders and led to a massive competition in the market.

It is very easy to see how good George Soros is in the market. He is one of the few to hit a 30.30 ration which means producing 30% returns for 30 years. It is a strategy that has made him money, and that has seen others benefit as well. Between 1969 to 2001, his firm never made less than 30% return. That record was broken in 2002 when a market crash saw the earnings decrease considerably.

In 2011, George Soros retired from his business. The famed Quantum Fund made only 2.63% returns that year. His secret and silent retirement have allowed him to concentrate more running his charities.

George Soros belongs to a select club of a few investors to have hit the 30.30 club. Since then, even 30% returns have applied to very few investors. Kyle Bass and Paulson did get these returns in 2008 after they bet on the housing market. It was an easy bet that has never been replicated. In retrospect, George Soros made a $ 1 billion profit over in 1992 when he bet that the Bank of England would devalue the pound. Soros is today called the man who broke the Bank of England.

The trading techniques that allowed George Soros so much money was the lack of information. Then it was tough to get reliable information and people mostly made bets based in here say. It saw many people lose a lot of money. Today, the turtle methods have been replaced by sophisticated trading technologies using fast switching companies. These use proprietary trading algorithms that can to a very high degree predict market trends. It is a thing that has made the 1960s trading obsolete.

Gorge Soros has written numerous books on investment. One of the most well-known is the Alchemist of finance. Soros is also the founder of Open societies foundation. He has always dreamed of a free society with minimal government interference. Soros is a well-known Democrat and has predicted Hillary will win by a landslide.

The Open Free Society fund is also his brainchild. Soros was himself a refugee and has substantially expressed his dismay at Donald’s plan to deport all Mexicans. It is the right of every world citizen to call America their home.

Recap from Market Watch.

George Soros the Unsung Economic Hero

The American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros may have had a rough upbringing but it cannot be said that he don’t remember where he came from. He migrated to England at a tender age of 17 years and enrolled in the London school of economics. This was and still is one of the most prestigious intuitions in the world. He went into the banking world after graduation and has never looked back. The back ground in business helped lay the foundation for his money market analysis. He is mostly known for his a single day gamble that earned him $2 billion after taking a risk on the British pound which he won.

During one of the world economic summit in Sir Lanka, Mr. Soros made an outrageous observation that the world is in danger of experiencing yet another economic recession after the one that was experienced in the recession of 2008. He implored the investors to be careful before committing vast sums of capital as a form of the investments due to the eminent danger of recession. 2016 alone has seen the economies of major nations of the world come down crashing. Oil has never been cheaper as compared to the prices it is now going for.

China is one of the country that is being hit hard by the recession. The reason the Chinese economy is in a spiral movement is mainly because it is changing from being an investment and manufacturing economy to consumption and service industry. The recession according to will result in the mortgage crisis, the credit crunch, and collapse in the bank industry. The events of recession will occur to government intervention to try to mitigate the situation by bailing out the banking sector. The process involves financial injection.

Although it might be hard to imagine an economic recession, it’s not justifiable to rule it out. This is because throughout out the fall, the major financial market in the USA has been losing their value by more than 30% in value. This is a large number considering how value means to the economy. The volatility in the value of money market is affecting even the major economies like china pretty bad. This does not look good on the economy. Questions are being asked concerning the way the money market is fairing. The stock of overvalued companies continues their downward trajectory which means that economies are losing out. For more information on Soros see

Gender Equality in the Corporate World for Women

In the world we live in women are not mainly recognized for their skills in the business community. Most people dismiss the fact that women can also contribute to the economy and the world through working in various corporate sectors. Among the many women who have tried to change this notion include the Hall Partners women. These are Kathryn Hall, Sarah Stein, and Helane Morrison. These women examples of women that have set a foundation for other women to build in. The Hall women are not afraid to voice their opinions concerning the way women are treated in the corporate world.

Among the various advantages they have, is they have exhausted all kinds of education that may help them push through this industry. It goes to show that given the opportunity to gain the relevant knowledge, women can excel in any world. When we look at the education and the work experience these women have learned, it’s not a wonder they are among the top women in the corporate world.

Helane Morrison is one of the women that many girls look up to. She is not just an average woman. Helane made her career successful through hard work. Helane has experience in her field, and this has helped her in achieving the best. Before she joined Hall, Helane was the head of the San Francisco security exchange commission office. In her earlier career, Helane dealt with securities enforcement, litigation, and safety matters. With an experience of over three decades, Helane has been able to be a crucial asset when leading Hall Capital, especially in her role as chief compliance officer.

As part of her career, Helane has experience in journalism after receiving her degree from North Western University. With this experience, she has used it to educate most of the world about how women can as well create an impact in the business and the corporate world. Helane is one of the campaigners for gender equality not only in schools but as well in the real business world. When women like Morrison speak, many people listen. So with her changing ideas, she can create many opportunities for young women in the corporate world.

The Hall Capital Partners women, Kathryn Hall, Sarah, and Helane have been seen as examples when it comes to actualizing the gender equality campaign. They offer employment to many women as well men.

Feeding Beneful Premium Dog Food Makes A Difference

My family decided that we wanted to focus more on our nutrition, and my little one had the idea to focus on our dog’s nutrition as well. We all did our own research at the library and online. I was amazed to find this article from the Daily Herald that talks about how great premium dog food companies are at making sure that their products are high quality. We got back together at the end of the week, and we exchanged what we found. I wanted to share my findings with everyone in a post, and I’ll share what brand we decided to feed to our dog.

Caring About Your Dog Means Buying Good Foods

This article showed what life is like in the companies that make premium dog foods like Beneful. It was something I had never thought of, but it gives me a great respect for all the work these companies do to make sure that dogs get what they need in their diets. The obvious thing that didn’t occur to me that this article pointed out was that premium companies have higher standards for their food, so they buy more expensive ingredients.

I was please to find Beneful in the pet store. Beneful has real ingredients, and they are listed plainly on the bag, which is a big relief. I see that my dog is eating healthy, and he is happier now that he eats Beneful on facebook. We feed him dry food and wet food, which are both made by Beneful. He seems much more grateful now that we care about his diet.

I like the Chopped Blends that Beneful makes because it looks like food that I imagine a dog should eat. It contains real pieces of meats and vegetables. They have 20 blends of Chopped Blends that are available at pet stores. I recommend trying a few of Beneful because your dog will like tasting all those flavors!

My research led me to the article by the Daily Herald that I want to share with everyone today. You can see it for yourself by going to this link.

Never Let A Digital Crisis Go To Waste: Status Labs Founder Darius Fisher Has The Solution.

In our rapidly growing, hyper-connected world where information can be retrieved and shared at the drop of a hat; or a click of a button; more and more business executives are coming to understand the weighty consequences that come with disclosing a little too much on the internet. Entire careers have been destroyed and reputations torn to shambles in an instant by the clever and tech savvy tactics of online vigilantes and troublemakers with far too much time on their hands.

One such tactic is called ‘doxing’ which Google defines as the act of ‘searching for and publishing private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent’. You just have to use your imagination to determine for yourself just how catastrophic it can be to become doxxed. But other than staying aware as to what information you are putting online and performing regular ‘digital hygiene’ to minimize your electronic footprint; what else can a person do?

Enter Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, a cutting-edge online management, public relations and marketing firm that is helping their clients get a new lease on their digital life. With offices in Texas, São Paulo, and New York serving over 1,500 clients in 35+ countries, many of which include Fortune 500 brands and high-profile public figures, this young entrepreneur continues scale new heights since the inception of Status Labs four years ago.

Mr. Fisher knows all to well the stress and turmoil that an online image crisis brings with it after facing his own PR dilemma at his former company. He is not only able to provide for the specialized needs of his clients but he can relate to them on a deeply personal level as well; something that few companies these days are able to do. With a humble beginning as a copywriter and consultant, this Vanderbilt University graduate is taking the Information Security field by storm and carving out a legacy for himself and his thirty employees.

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The Utter Sensation Of The Oscar Pistorius Trial

The Oscar Pistorus trial was the most sensational legal event to happen in Europe, Africa or Asia in a very long time. One of the most beloved athletes in the history of South Africa was accused of murdering his girlfriend not long after taking his success story to the Olympics. Oscar’s tale of betrayal is one that was hard to look away from, and Brenda Wardle brought coverage of the trial to the masses. This article describes the trial, how Brenda handled the coverage and what was happening as the trial was going on.

#1: The Trial Split A Nation

South Africa was split over the guilt or innocence of Oscar Pistorius. There is a faction of citizens who believe that he is innocent because his girlfriend somehow provoked violence, and there is another faction that believe he was an abuser who committed murder. The simple truth of the case is that no one knows but Oscar, and a nation is still split over whether he is guilty or innocent.

#2: Brenda Wardle

Brenda Wardle is a legal analyst from South Africa, and her coverage of the trial was thorough and respectful. She knew that she had to report on the death of a beautiful young woman, but she she could not ignore all the facts of the case. Brenda used her impeccable journalistic integrity to report on the case in a manner that was completely respectful of the victim while also calling into question the nature of the accused. Her balance is to lauded in such a situation.

#3: The Trial Wore On And On

Brenda Wardle was at the center of the coverage of the trial for some time, and she was able to persevere while covering the trial. The trial coverage was tiring, and it would be easy to lose faith in the human race while covering the trial. Brenda was able to keep her composure, report on the trial and remain at the news desk until the trial ended. Her sheer force of will helped her bring news of the trial to all of South Africa.

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial is one of the saddest circumstances that can befall anyone. A seemingly loving couple torn apart by a murder that one of the them may have committed. The country of South Africa was torn in response to the case, and a beautiful young woman lost her life in what was a senseless act of violence.

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The Success of Wengie as She Makes YouTube Beautiful

With the prominence of the internet as a primary source for information in the current age, many different content-sharing and social media websites have come to the forefront as destinations for knowledge and entertainment. YouTube is a prime example of this cultural shift, allowing a medium with which any person or group can share their ideas with the rest of the world. Additionally, the more famous YouTubers using the site have taken this concept a step further, being able to monetize and market their creative services to a global audience.

One such YouTuber with a large following is Wengie, also known by her real name Wendy Huang, who has turned her impressive knowledge of beauty trends and techniques into a worldwide enterprise. Wengie’s ideas stemmed from her work at a digital marketing agency, where she worked in advising clients regarding the importance of an online presence. By starting her own YouTube channel and presenting her ideas through videos and blogs, Wengie learned firsthand about obstacles in building an online establishment and overcoming the challenges in doing so.

Wengie’s passion for unique beauty styles goes deeper than what most might expect. She states that by finding beauty in our daily surroundings, we can harness this same ideal in ourselves, and take the necessary steps to improve ourselves on both the inside and outside. This mission statement has allowed Wengie to build a YouTube community of more than 900,000 subscribers. In addition, Wengie also continues her endeavors as a blogger and is the CEO of the fashion company StyleAlley.

Among all the famous YouTubers in existence, Wengie stands out as a living testament as to what is possible with the proper digital marketing through various platforms. Combining an original concept with constant effort has allowed Wengie and other personalities to effectively introduce their services to a demographic that spans the globe. As a result, these success stories have inspired others to pursue their ideas and continue to to enhance the growth of a thriving web-based economy.

A Campaign That Will Raise $1 Million to Help Residents of Nepal

Go Fund Me is a crowdfunding platform that more and more individuals are turning to when they need help raising money for a cause. It has been used to help raise money for tragic things that have happened, like individuals who are dealing with serious diseases or who have been injured in an accident. It has also been used for things that are exciting, like to raise money for a wedding celebration or for an anniversary party. Many individuals, businesses and charity organizations have set up accounts that provide relief to many individuals who have gone through difficult circumstances. For example, Majeed Ekbal recently set up a Go Fund Me account in order to help individuals who were affected by the earthquakes that took place in April and May 2015.

Majeed Ekbal’s View from Here from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

By means of the donations that are made to his Go Fund Me account, Majeed Ekbal hopes to be able to relieve some of the suffering that individuals in the country of Nepal are still experiencing. The money will be donated to a crowdrise campaign. That campaign has the goal of raising $1 million to help Nepal earthquake victims. The reason why Majeed is so interested in this cause is because he knows people who live in Nepal. They are his friends and he has heard firsthand the awful things that have happened to people. He realizes that even though quite a bit of time has passed since the earthquakes occurred, much help is still needed. He thanks anyone who makes a contribution.

Expresso Inc. is a company that was recently started by Majeed Ekbal. It provides a grocery delivery service to individuals who live in Chicago neighborhoods. Many individuals are taking advantage of this service in order to save time and avoid busy aisles and grocery stores. People are happy to pay the fee of $10 or less in order to avoid all of the time that it takes to drive to the grocery store and then shop around for all of the items they need. This company delivers the groceries to a place that is convenient for the customer, like their home or business. Majeed was already well known in the Chicago area because of the investments in real estate he has made.