BRL trust: the Brazilian Investment Company of Choice


BRL trust commenced in 2005 and has always offered quality trust services since then. The independent company leads the market as a renowned leader in debt securities management (CCI, CDCA, CPR and CCB). So far, they have carried out more than 800 transactions worth around $4.5 billion. In February 2010, the company underwent training and was authorised to manage securities portfolio services by CVM. The company also got mandate to manage investment funds in reference to the Declatory Act CVM 10, 892.
BRL Trust Specialities.
Fiduciary services: BRL Trust offers unique and custom-made services for the investors. They have an Assets Control System that mainly deals with monitoring, control and the collection of loans. The system monitors over 300 companies and their customer databases lie within the 20,000 range.
Fund management: the company received authorization to act as a manager if investment funds from the Securities Commission. Since then, they have undertaken in unique, refined yet user-friendly transactions. Up to date, they have 109 investment funds under their management, which are worth $19.99 billion in approximation.
Funds custody: BRL trust got authorization from the Securities and Exchange Commission to conduct both fund custody and controllership of investment funds. Under custody services, they offer several options. They can physical guard assets and deal with financial settlements of the same. They also respond to corporate events control as well as centralization of liquidation and loan operation titles. They are also dependable in conciliation of asset position dealing with clearinghouses and depository chambers.
As for controllership services, you can opt to have BRL Trust control quota calculation and profitability. They can also determine, control and pay your taxes as well as account for investment funds while they communicate to regulators. BRL Trust can also control shareholders investments and redemptions and report the standards and any other related information.
Resource management: BRL Trust serves both individuals and institutions that need resource management on a global scale. They achieve this by coming up with fresh solutions that cover the particular needs of their customers.
Asset distribution: Certificates of Real Estate Receivables, participation in emissions of investments fund shares and Agribusiness Receivables debentures are some of the asset distribution services that BRL Trust conducts.

Community plays an important role in the life of Bruce Levenson

Business and the local community often go hand in hand, with the co-founder of one of the world’s largest business to business companies hoping his legacy of philanthropy will be his lasting achievement. Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of the United Communications Group, but has recently set about a consistent effort to make his way into the realm of the world’s top philanthropists. Levenson has been backing a new school at the University of Maryland designed to provide students with the skills to play an important role in their local and international communities. In his everyday life Bruce Levenson and wife Karen still live in the Washington DC area and have made the city and state of Maryland the main focus of their donations and philanthropic giving.

Levenson is known to many in the business world as the co-founder of UCG, a group dedicated to providing the best in news and real time analytics across a variety of industries to make sure companies have all the business information they need. His work has also included the establishment of the impressive and highly successful TechTarget company, and has used his knowledge of the oil and gas industries to provide real time gas prices for the general public through the GasBuddy app. For sports fans Levenson is also a popular figure as the main owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and has served on the board of governors for the league.Levenson has used the wealth and influence he has amassed since the formation of UCG in 1977 to aid in the constriction and continued support of the School for Philanthropy and Non Profit Management at the University of Maryland. This school provides undergraduate and graduate level classes for students interested in working in the not for profit sector around the world. The initial focus of the school was on programs and internship opportunities offered in the Washington DC and Maryland area, but is now expanding its reach to international programs offered in Asia and Africa.

A Five Year Prison Stint Turns Man in to a Business Owner

Frederick Hutson was frustrated. He was serving a five year prison sentence for marijuana distribution, and the prison didn’t allow the prisoners to have cell phones. This meant his girlfriend couldn’t text him pictures. The only way for him to receive pictures was by mail. The most common way today that people take pictures is with their cell phones. It isn’t easy to print a picture from a cell phone to send it in the mail though. This gave Frederick an idea. He would develop an app for smart phones that would automatically send the picture in the mail by post card to loved ones serving prison time for you. He pitched the idea to a CEO who loved it and said he would help get it started. Frederick now has a company called “Pidgeonly” that hires former inmates to help with the work. People at Anastasia Date have learned that his company has raised over three million dollars in funding already.

Samsung’s Virtual Reality Headset Coming This Week

Samsung’s Virtual reality headset is set to officially launch later this week. The Gear VR innovator Edition is a special developer edition of the virtual reality headset, but will be available for anyone who wants one to purchase. The device will go on sale specifically inBest Buy stores through a co-promotion between the two companies.

So, what can you do with Gear VR? Not a ton right now. The headset is powered by the Galaxy S5 smartphone, so in order to use it for virtual reality you’ll need to have a Galaxy S5. Since it’s the first version of the headset available, not a ton of companies have started to build content for it. The idea behind putting out a developers version is so they can start. Wikipedia suggests that means right now you’ll only have a limited number of demos to try out, but that number is likely to increase pretty dramatically once developers start to get their hands on the device.

Facebook just announced at its developer conference that it plans on putting a huge emphasis on virtual reality in the future, so you can be certain that there’s a lot more content coming sooner rather than later.

Connect With Others Via Skout

In our ever interconnected world, it has become increasingly popular to link up with others. People find that connections between themselves and other people are now of even more use than ever. Connections are crucial in helping people do all kinds of tasks including look for jobs, find out where to live or just to able to throw a really great party. Finding people who share interests can also help people in other ways. Someone may discover that a common business interest enables them be able to work together on an important project or even start a business together to tap into their mutual areas of expertise.

Many people look for ways to connect to others. One such way is via the internet and cellphones. Both forms allow people to make connections with other people from around the world as well as those in their own backyards. Many people look for ways to make such connections. Connections of all kinds can also help people feel more involved with others and make them feel that they are part of a much larger community. This feeling can help them gain confidence and a sense of being connected with others and far less alone in life.

The use of specific kinds of methods known as apps can also people make connections with each other. An app is an application that is downloaded to a user’s cellphone that enables them to be able to do certain things as a result. One such app is Skout. This app allows people to perform many socially useful functions. Users can use the app in order to indicate their precise location to others who may be in their area. This feature allows others to connect with people who in their area and may want to meet up.

Someone who is going to museum can now get in touch with others who are also in the museum and want to speak with them. A person who particularly enjoys a specific area of art such as fourteenth century Italian paintings can easily get in touch with others who also like paintings of this kind. They can use their cellphones to plan a meeting and then perhaps make other plans such as viewing certain paintings and going to dinner in a local cafe after the meeting. In doing so, they can make new friends and have fun with other like-minded people.

DC Airports Using Face Recognition

DC Airports are using facial recognition now in order to spot people trying to travel with fake passports. The new program at the airport uses facial recognition and snaps a shot of your face while you’re traveling through the airport, comparing it to the photo on the ID you showed at security. Susan McGalla said the idea behind the project is to give airport personnel another set of eyes on travelers rather than relying on the perception of the security guards at the gate, who will still remain the first line of defense against people traveling with fake IDs and passports.

Right now the program is just is a testing phase and will only be used in the airport for 2-3 months. if the trial is successful, however, you might see the technology show up at other airports in the future.

As for your privacy, Customs and Border Patrol claims that the won’t store video and photos for long and promises not to directly link any of the photographs to people’s names and personal information. All of the images are expected to be destroyed once the project reaches the end of its trial period.

North American Spine, Minimally Invasive Care for Sports Injuries

North American Spine, based in Dallas, Texas, offers minimally invasive care for athletic injuries. A successful back surgery technology AccuraScope is used to successfully treat injuries, which can be detected after an athletic accident. The state-of-the-art injury surgery technique uses a minimally invasive procedure that helps chronic pain from neck and back injuries including herniated discs, sciatica and other spinal cord conditions.

AccuraScope is a successful method for minimally invasive surgery, and an additional laser spine surgery process is, also, available for various types of sports injuries. A bulging or herniated disc can occur after over use or from a sudden sports injury. Injuries can become more serious over time. Sciatica symptoms occur as a general compression of an athlete’s spinal nerve roots. This type of spinal irritation results in back pain and may produce numbness in an extremity. Motor weakness is another symptom that may be exhibited, after over use of an arm, back or lower back area. A sudden spinal injury can cause trauma and subsequent pain symptoms.

Pinched nerves and painful radiculopathy can be either temporary or chronic conditions that can be helped and dissipated with a minimally invasive surgery process. A small incision is used to locate the area that needs to be corrected. Surgeons have a type of endoscopic tool that defines the safe corridors for surgery exploration and surgical correction. A patient can expect a less than fifteen millimeter surgical incision area.

Recovery time from a small back or extremity incision is much less than a traditional back surgery. Most patients can heal quickly and be able to return to their sport within a short period of time, depending on the initial degree of the patient’s injury. Medication therapies are used to help with the healing process, and sports rehabilitation is sometimes included after this form of minimally invasive procedure.

North American Spine offers leading edge sports injury surgeries, which use a percutaneous medical incision and a form of endoscopic procedure. AccuraScope therapy aims to reduce tissue trauma and bleeding. This modern method of correcting spinal injuries is used to improve a healing process in order to help a patient’s body heal and improve without damage. Few patients need extensive aftercare, since there is little disruption of other body tissues and organ functioning. Incomplete injuries have significantly high success rates with the use of a minimally invasive surgery procedure after the first six months.

Light from Electronic Screens May Be Reason Behind Sickness

No, the screens of our mobile electronic devices, cell phones and televisions are not sending out some type of illness-causing emissions. But Fersen Lambranho says that the devices may be the reason behind the sickness and diseases that are currently plaguing our society.

The light from electronic screens are disrupting our natural sleep/wake rhythms, and that is the underlying problem.

Our body is ruled by circadian rhythms. Light and dark triggers the release of certain types of hormones within our body. Hormones to wake us up and energize us for the day are released at the morning light and hormones to make us sleepy and ready to spend the next 7-8 in blissful sleep are released when the sun sets and it become dark outside. This light and dark circadian rhythm is interrupted by the lights emitted from our electronics and we can’t sleep when we need too.

The sleep deprivation is the underlying cause of many illnesses, that according to Richard Stevens who conducted a 20 year study on the effects of light exposure. Mr. Stevens is a cancer epidemiologist at the University of Connecticut and found that the disruption to the circadian rhythm is linked to cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression and a host of other diseases. The artificial light being emitted from electronic screens interrupt important body functions, including sleep, which is the reason behind many sicknesses.

3D Printing Just got even Crazier

Most people would agree that 3D printing is an amazing technology that’s sure to revolutionize the world. The only problem is that it can be extremely time consuming stated Zeca Oliveira. Traditional 3D printing is essentially just 2D printing over and over again to create a 3D object.

A new innovation by a company aptly named Carbon3D is about to change all of that. Their device is able to grow 3D objects rather than print them out. It’s like something out of a Sci-Fi movie.

The new technology orchestrates a delicate dance between light, oxygen and carbon resin to essentially project layers of a 3D object onto a build platform. The end product is every bit as stable and durable as an injection molded counterpart.

The speed of operation is what will really bring this technology to the factory floors around the world. No longer is 3D printing merely a hobby or an oddity. Real world applications abound with this game changing breakthrough.