Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Train to be Tested in California

Elon Musk is best known for his work as CEO of electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors and private sector space program SpaceX. He also designed his own train that rides on a cushion of air and is projected through a vacuum tube at over 700 miles per hour. His train, dubbed the Hyperloop, is finally going to see the light of day.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will be building a test track for the new Hyperloop system in California. They are not associated with Elon Musk or any of his companies though. They are an independent company with hopes to create an ultra-fast transportation system that runs along Interstate 5.

The fastest trains in the world operate at about 310 miles per hour. The new Hyperloop could easily double those speeds. The speeds of the pods traveling in the Hyperloop system would approach Mach 1, the speed of sound.

Engineers have taken note of a potentially fatal flaw in the Hyperloop system, as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital points out on WSJ. It’s based on operating in tubes that are vacuum sealed. If that seal breaks then all of the pods traveling in the system could crash. Having a single point of failure is certainly something to worry about for anyone who’s brave enough to travel on the new train technology.

Liquid Metal Antennas Could Help Solve RF Shortages as More Devices Take to the Net

The future of the radiofrequency (RF) spectrum is a congested one. As more and more devices become internet accessible the RF bands are filling up quickly. A new invention from engineers at North Carolina State University aims to solve this problem by using liquid metal antennas that can easily change shape to tune into different frequencies.

Traditionally, retuning a device for a different radiofrequency is a challenge, as Sergio Cortes can tell you. Physical antennas need to be created and circuits are needed on a device to access the multiple antennas. The result is an overly complicated device that can only tune a limited number of frequencies.

Liquid metal antennas could solve this problem by being able to adjust on the fly. Is the band you’re on too congested? Jump on a different one in no time.

Engineers discovered that they could manipulate the liquid metal antennas by running different voltages through them. The voltage changes affect the surface tension of the liquid metal allowing it to change length within an enclosure.

Researchers used an alloy of gallium and indium in their antennas. Different alloys may be able to tune into different frequency ranges providing a plethora of channels to tune into.

Gravity Powered Light Hits Second Round of Crowd-Sourced Funding

Almost a billion people live on Earth without a source of electricity. That’s over 10% of the entire population living on this planet. Many people turn to dangerous and expensive alternatives such as kerosene lamp to light the cold nights.

An emerging invention called GravityLight aims to change all that. It harnesses the power of gravity to illuminate a small LED light. It works by converting mechanical energy to electricity with a pulley that hangs from the ceiling. About twice an hour a weight is lifted back up to keep the light on.

Kerosene lamps aren’t just dangerous and carcinogenic; they also eat up the budget of low income families. The GravityLight only costs $10 and can provide free light for countless hours of use.

The company who created GravityLight is hoping to provide it to impoverished areas like Kenya as a light source and a source of economic prosperity according to Madison Street Capital on their Facebook page. They hope to open manufacturing facilities in third world countries in order to help them two-fold.

Last year the original GravityLight debuted. This year a new improved version of the light is seeking funding on Indiegogo. The ambitious goal of $199,000 is already half filled with about a month left in the campaign.

Why Anastasia Date Stands Out from Other Dating Sites

The dating site, Anastasia Date is named after the Russian Grand Duchess, Anastasia Romanov who was reportedly quite a role model for young women everywhere. The company was founded in 1993 by a Russian-American married couple and the site now has over 80 million visitors and over 1.5 million conversations exchanged daily. Since January 2011, the site has experienced a nearly 50% increase in being accessible through mobile devices. The headquarters offices are located in New York and Moscow.

One thing that makes Anastasia Date stand out from other dating sites is that they have a specific and clear-cut anti-scam policy. This includes undelivered flower orders, mis-identification and requests for money. This makes the site much safer for everyone to use and whenever a member has been evidently scammed, all credits that they earn by communicating with that particular member are reimbursed. Customer services are available 24/7.

Anastasia Date goes the extra mile to include everyone worldwide. They are not old-fashioned as they mix international romances with modern concepts of love. The average users range from 30 to 60 years in age. They are usually people who are seeking international relationships with residences in or from other countries. The majority of U.S. immigrant users are European from U.K. to German but the site also has also gained popularity in Latin America and China.

The site has a reported success rate of over 80% with approximately 6,000 marriages annually and over 13,000 active female members. The site currently has over 200 employees total. The staff is highly committed to providing everyone with the best service possible and is definitely a site that is mostly for people who are looking for committed relationships, at least.

Anastasia Date has become its own household brand by effectively advertising themselves and what they’re about. They have also received much recognition on television from The Daily Show to BBC. They also have regular television coverage in several countries including Japan, Germany and Australia

The Significance of Radiology in the World of Medicine

The significance of radiology in the world of medicine
One of the major advantages of the intermediary universe of sciences has been the improvement and the innovation of probably the most progressive instruments and advancements that have given the world of sciences and technologies a major boost. One technique that resulted from efforts and has been extremely useful in diagnosing and treating variety of sicknesses that had once seemed incurable or hard to treat is radiology. Radiology is a revolutionary technique that includes study and application of imaging technologies to analyze and treat various infections. Computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultra sound are just some of the imaging techniques.
Another technology used in radiology to the carry out of medical procedures with minimal invasive techniques. Radiologists or radiologic technologist are people who handle carrying out the radiological techniques. The system of radiology has been the foundation of the therapeutic strategies for over a century now. The different imaging systems that are utilized by the radiologists help them in the right diagnosis and as well as treatment of a mixture of ailments. Specifically these procedures have truly ended up being exceptionally useful in diagnosing and treating probably the most dangerous illnesses like a cancerous growth.
Other than obtaining critical pictures for the treatment of diseases, this procedure can also be used to guide other therapeutic procedures that are more obtrusive in nature. In the obtrusive treatment, procedures are used to scan and treat those parts of the body that are hidden.
Techniques like angiograms and angioplasty, imaging methods such as fluorescent markers, ultrasound, and MRI are utilized.
Imaging Advantage prides in giving a unique range of solutions that include practice management, onsite staffing, day and night teleradiology, and the latest innovation, to assist medical practitioners to giver unmatched diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The physician groups, imaging centers, Level I and Level II trauma centers and many of the country’s leading hospital systems.
Upgrades in medical imaging innovation have made magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans computerized tomography (CT) scans, and different instruments used in radiology a part of any trip to the emergency room. This is a different case in many developing countries, which do not have the equipment, ability and infrastructure to diagnose and treat health care problems with the help of radiology. This is due to prohibitive costs. Further technological innovations in the field of radiology may in the future help to bring the costs of this equipment down and affordable for everyone.

How to Best Use Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date is an online dating service where people from Ukraine and Russia can date. With its free registration, the website allows users to create their own profile so that they can interact with their compatible partners on Anastasia Date. The profile is similar to that on any social media website – it contains basic information about a user and, if the user wishes, can also be used for detailed information. The profile creation and registration is just the first step. The next step includes search options of Anastasia Date where a user can look for people. In the third step, the user sends a message to another user and starts chatting.

Here are a few Anastasia Date tips that would make this experience more memorable –
Be Yourself – For people who want to be featured in one of the success stories of Anastasia Date and find someone who matches them in real life, it is important to be genuine. It is impossible to find a genuine person if one is faking or being someone else. By being real and normal, people have often cultivated great friendships and romantic relationships with Anastasia Date users.

Don’t Be Generic – In the third step, where users chat with each other, it is important to remember that cheesy pick ups never work for anyone. Instead, if genuine ice breakers are used, they would help to add value to the chat. This is why “what’s up baby”, “how’re you sweetheart”, “I love you” and such similar openers are useless and would turn the other person off. Same goes for sending cell phone numbers. Simple compliments should be used while letting the other person know that their profile is great.

Go Through People’s Profile – The best way to establish a rapport with someone is by knowing about their likes and dislikes. What are their favorite songs? What bands do they like? Are they fond of a particular ice cream flavor? All this information, and more, can be obtained by going through the profile of a user on Anastasia Date. When a reference to a profile is made during the chat, it would show the other person that care has been taken and someone has spent time in trying to know more. Follow Anastasia Date on Twitter.

The basic tip to remember is that even though Anastasia Date is an online dating service, there are real people on the website and as such, they should be treated with love and respect.

Google Passes along Threatening Emails to Fiber Subscribers

If you subscribe to Google fiber and pirate movies, TV shows and software: consider this your fair warning. Google is forwarding threatening emails from digital media rights-holders to subscribers on their fiber network.

The emails come from organizations such as Rightscorp and CEG TEK. Not only are the emails threatening, they also demand that subscribers fork over anywhere from $20 to $300 in a settlement for copyright infringement.

This is the type of digital extortion that most ISPs filter out. ISPs are under no legal obligation to deliver such threatening emails to their users. Most ISPs who choose to deliver them will edit out the requests for settlement money Kevin Seawright explained in an article on Tumblr.

Google is even in on the threats. They have sent their subscribers notices that they will be disconnected from service if they continue to violate copyrights.

This is a somewhat confusing move coming from Google. They have long been bullied by the MIAA and RIAA for linking to copyright material through their search engines. Now they are allowing these corporations to bully their users electronically.

The worst part is that the demanding emails are extremely misleading. They try to convince the account holder that they are responsible for all data transferred on the account. This simply isn’t true.

Facebook’s Internet.org Initiative Faces Tough Criticism

The idea of Facebook’s Internet.org project is a good one. It aims to provide users in developing countries access to the internet. The only problem is that the service comes with several strings attached as well as a few pitfalls that will be difficult to overcome.

The biggest problem with Internet.org is that Facebook alone will become the gatekeeper to critical information. They will maintain criteria for sites being accepted into the program and will have the power to censor information from the top down.

Another problem is that anyone accessing the Internet.org service from a phone that isn’t a smartphone will have no way to encrypt their communications. Sites on Internet.org will be connected to users through a proxy that makes it impossible for low-tech browsers to utilize HTTPS encryption.

While the new Internet.org service does aid in closing the global digital divide it certainly doesn’t give users access to even a fraction of the content available on the actual internet. Governments could use this fact to bully Facebook into allowing or disallowing certain content based on political motivations according to Alexei Beltyukov.

A better solution would be to provide uncensored connections with data limitations. Obviously Facebook can’t just give everyone in the world internet for free but giving them a slice of the pie would be better than the proposed totalitarian internet regime.

Key Pirate Bay Domains Seized By Court Ruling

This morning a decision was handed down by the Stockholm District Court, ruling to take down popular pirating websites ThePirateBay.se and PirateBay.se.

Websites like ThePirateBay.se and PirateBay.se are share content that is often copyrighted and harder to access. Although data shows that taking down domain names has zero impact on online piracy, members of anti-piracy groups like Sara Lindbäck of Rights Alliance believe that, at the very least, this decision will make it harder for online pirates to share content through Swedish domains.

Sam Tabar is aware that Sweden has long been considered to be a content pirate heaven, as Sweden has different copyright laws than the states. For a long time, ThePirateBay.se and PirateBay.se founders have mocked American companies for their attempts to shut down their operations, citing that Swedish laws were not broken and thus they were untouchable.

But Hollywood power players were not going to take this sitting down, and in mid-2005, Swedish government started to crack down on copyright infringement through the European Union Copyright Directive.

Copyright laws are often used by major corporations to keep content from reaching the hands of consumers through illegitimate means. It hurts their profit margins in the short term, as there are established mediums through which content is released.

However, limiting access does not abate the speed in which people consume content. Studies show that changing access to content, limiting it or leaving it open, does not change consumption rates.

Another Documentary On Kurt Cobain Coming Out June 11

A new trailer has been released for an upcoming film about the head singer and guitarist of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. Many people know by now about the documentary that was officially played on HBO on May 4th called “Montage of Heck” and now this upcoming feature surrounding the events of his death will be called “Soaked In Bleach.” According to an article found on reddit and written by Video on Demand, the film is set to hit the stores and e-purchase stores on June 11.

For just over two decades now people like Paul Mathieson have been wondering what the true facts are about Cobain’s death. While police ruled it to be a suicide, many fans out there believe that this was not the case, but that someone had harmed him. This new documentary will show everything that happened on the forefront and behind the scenes of this time period, and even discuss the investigator the Courtney Love hired to find her husband when he went missing that April day of 1994.

This investigator who will be featured on the documentary about Cobain’s death has indicated that there was some foul play involved and this film will likely explore some of those facts and his findings from his investigation. It will be sure nice to hear a little more about what happened that day, and I am confident that many downloads and purchases will be happening for the movie.