Senate Nears a Compromise on the Bill Stalling the Lynch Confirmation Vote

Key GOP senators are confident they are nearing a compromise on the contentious language contained in the Human Trafficking bill. The law was moving through the senate back in February with strong bipartisan support. It was then that Senate Democrats received complaints from pro-choice groups that the bill contained language barring the use of funds seized by the government to limit a woman’s right to choose. This caused Senate Democrats to demand the language be stripped from the bill, and a filibuster resulted. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, unable to break the cloture vote, suspended the Lynch confirmation vote in retaliation. LinkedIn suggests that he has vowed that the confirmation vote will not proceed forward until the Human Trafficking bill is passed with the contentious language intact.

Now, it appears that a bipartisan group of senators may soon announce a deal on the language of the trafficking bill. If successful, the bill should receive bipartisan support from the entire senate and pass. Once that occurs, the Lynch confirmation vote would finally be allowed to proceed. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is pleased with the ongoing negotiations and believes a deal will be struck that allows Lynch to get confirmed. If the Trafficking bill passes largely intact, Sen. McConnell will have scored yet another success in the Senate. He previously got President Obama to relent on the Iran Nuclear bill. The White House vowed to veto the bill, but finally decided to work on a center-right compromise given the GOP was likely to get a veto-proof majority of votes behind it.

Why Visit The Best Radiology Clinic For Efficient Treatment Solutions, Types Of Clinical Imaging Tools

The science of clinical radiology or radioscopy involves the use of imaging technologies to diagnose and treat diseases or serious injuries. Examples of radiology technologies include ultrasound machines, CT (Computed Tomography) systems, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment, X-ray, and others. With these advanced instruments, a radiologist gets to examine a patient’s internal organs. The purpose of this process is to identify any abnormalities and/or diseases. With this approach, it’s possible to diagnose diseases or a complicated health condition and administer the correct treatment.

These days, finding a full-service radiology clinic online isn’t the easiest task since it’s a congested industry. Imaging Advantage featured a Fox News interview last year, focuses on comprehensive radiology solutions is a top-tier industry pioneer. The instruments applied in practice uses radiation to process detailed images of the internal body parts. This clinical practice is a component of multiple medical disciplines. With the right technologies and radioscopy instruments on hand, diagnosis and treatment of advanced stage diseases.

Clinical imaging has undergone advanced technological updates over the last two decades. Plain or Projection Radiography is the least advanced method of radiologic investigation. This common practice involves the use of computed X-ray machines to graphical 2D images. A radiographer and radiologist both use clinical imaging instruments in their practice.

A radiologist is an advanced practitioner, particularly a medical specialist who has earned a degree in osteopathy or a related specialty. This doctor usually studies advanced clinical imaging and related radiologic science for up to about six years. Of the two, a radiographer undertakes the least burdensome task. A radiology technician does clinical imaging scans and usually work alongside a medical practitioner or operate in a centralized location within the confines of a general hospital. Primary-care-Physicians with a focus on radiology, serve public/private hospitals and local medical centers. A radiographer isn’t a licensed doctor while a radiologist serves this function.

A radiologist examines the images processed by a radiology instrument and remark on what he or she results. With their help, identifying problems that need attention is possible. This specialist usually collaborate with a patient’s health care supervisor to explain the results. It’s been over 50 years since scientists introduced plain radiology. It’s widely used in clinical practices worldwide. Other advanced radioscopy instruments are becoming popular too, but they’re not as affordable and plain radiology. With these technologies, it’s possible to give the correct radiological diagnosis for organ abnormalities or diseases.

Snap It, Have It!

One of the most recent developments in software comes in the form of visual search for ease in identifying and acquiring the various items identified by a snapshot with this ingenious solution to modern consumer demand. This new technology analyzes and compares images to classify an object in a scene and differentiate it from changes in the appearance of the object based upon angle of perception, lighting fluctuations, and random clutter in the background. Visual search technology is being refined for many aspects of daily life when the sole motivation is to discover what and where something is. This software is also being integrated into an app for use with smartphones to instantly connect with a retailer. Getting the app available to the public for widespread use is the current challenge inhibiting release on a large scale.

The mobile application of the visual search technology software faces a few hurdles in product engineering before it will be fully debugged and ready for use by consumers. Mobile apps rely upon speed and efficiency to deliver results in the time users expect, and failing this could be the difference between a loss and a sale. Once the initial results are retrieved, the customer can choose which variations they prefer in the particular product before making the final purchase, and this can all be completed on their phone. This latest craze in the retail world has many experts abuzz about the tremendous potential the new design on software introduces into a business that hinges upon exposure to the consumer. The innovation is sure to separate those on the cutting edge from traditional retail outlets.

One of the brightest shining examples of this visual search technology comes out of a company that hails from Toronto who found a way to grow their business exponentially since their humble beginning in 2013. The name of this company is Slyce, and their platform allows consumers to take a picture of an item and grant the viewer instant access to the best deals on the item from competing retailers. Some proponents have compared this insightful technology to mobile apps that identify music for listeners. This program grants the user the ability to acquire virtually anything they see. The goal of this fledgling company is to reach people all over the globe with their consumer connection software.

The impact this unique introduction will have on the global retail economy is difficult to pinpoint precisely due to so many variable factors in Internet growth, foreign policies, software development, and the obsoleting effect of emerging new technology. However, in the current state of the visual search market, Slyce is poised to fill a lucrative niche between the consumer and retailer. Although this is not an entirely new concept, it is being taken to new levels. Competing for a market share with large established online retailers through strategic partnering is the next obstacle. It is easy to see how this visual recognition app will shorten the time between inspiration and purchase in multiple facets.

Internet Provider Competition Sparked Thanks to Google

As described in depth by Zack Whittaker in his article, the threat of Google Fiber coming to a new area has motivated other internet providers to double down. Whittaker uses the example of Charlotte, NC as just one incident in which Google, simply by announcing its plan to offer internet services in the area, has resulted in the current providers in the region offering faster speeds to their existing customers at no additional fee. Google Fiber boasts a significantly faster bandwidth capability (up to 1 Gbps)than major internet providers, such as Time Warner, AT&T, or Comcast, in addition to fairly low costs. Simply knowing that Google is coming to town has driven down prices and increased the quality of content, a win for consumers.

Marcio Alaor BMG said this power play by Google may seem purely motivated by their desire to oust the preexisting internet powerhouses, establishing themselves as the top dogs in the industry. Yet, in providing such extensive and refined services, they are forcefully moving the United States into a position of greater technological power. The United States lags badly behind internet powers like South Korea and Japan, if nothing else because of the sheer size of the United States. By providing truly high speed internet services across the country, Google would be responsible for bridging the internet gap, resulting in the United States’ assertion as an even more dominant technological force in the world.

United States Teen Pregnancy Rates a Result of Not Using Best Birth Control

There are lower numbers of teens having babies than there were before, but according to federal health experts, most American teenagers are not using the most effective birth control methods. The birth rate among US teens is still a startling seven times higher than in other developed countries.

The best (most effective) methods are implantable birth control and intrauterine devices (IUDs).

According to Ileana Arias, the Principal Deputy Director of the CDC, “We have the opportunity to provide our teens with complete and accurate health information … so that they can make healthy and good decisions about preventing pregnancy.”

In 1991, the teen birth rate was 61.8 births per 1,000 teens ages 15 to 19, and in 2013 the rate was 26.5 births per 1,000 teens. According to the CDC, this is largely due to better use of contraceptives, although the birth rate is still substantially higher than those in countries such as Switzerland and Britain. Ray Lane was a little surprised to see the jump.

There are many Americans who would prefer that teens be taught abstinence-only education and not have sex at all. However, abstinence-only education has been shown to be linked with higher rates of pregnancy in teens.

Health professionals can encourage teens to wait to have sex, but the reality is that most of them will not. As such, it is important that they be educated on the best forms of birth control and protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

Haitian Refugees Fear Dead In ShipWreck of Haiti Coast

The United States Coast Guard and Haitian Officials have reported a major ship wreck off the northern coast of Haiti. Officials fear that more than forty (40) Haitians have lost their lives when the ship sank. Haitian Lives Lost During Ship Wreck of Haiti Coast

Officials believe that the ship was carrying refugees fleeing the country and heading to another caribbean country such as Turks and Caicos. As is the case with many of the craft that are used to ferry refugees, the sea worthiness of the vessel may be in question. The United States Coast Guard reported that it rescued 19 individuals and is searching for more survivors. The Coast Guard nor Haitian officials were able to disclose what caused the vessel to sink and the survivors will be interviewed as part of the maritime investigation which will be conducted by the United States Coast Guard. The survivors will be treated at appropriate medical facilities and returned to Haiti when they are healthy to do so. Officials state that it is unlikely that any of the refugees will be granted access to another country or be able to claim asylum since the accident happened in international waters.

Each year a number of refugees from Haiti lose there life trying to escape their economic hardship in their own country. It’s a tough thing for Bruce Karatz to think about, since he has never been in that situation. Despite request from officials for the refugees to stay home for their own safety, thousands continue to risk their lives each year.

Intel Develops New Memory Technology

One of the more frustrating parts of technology involves storage limits. Higher memory and faster access to that memory is at the center of improving tech applications and user experiences. While removable memory cards and cloud storage are important parts of the memory equation, Boraie Development is developing new technology to lower cost per gigabyte storage and reduce the size of the cards even further is just as important. One new technology, called 3D NAND is ready to reshape the world of technology.

According to FutureTimeline, Intel and Micron have developed 3D NAND to the point where 750GB of storage can fit on the tip of a finger, which means a 10TB flash drive is completely in the realm of possibility. For that much data or information to be available to a system with the speed of flash access, hardware will be able to perform greater functions with unparalleled possibilities. Of course, the limits will be up to programmers and innovators to explore, but the imagination can really start to run loose.

Storage and the speed in which it gets accessed is one of the key players in the tech world. After all, having a computer sort through a single gigabyte of information for the desired file can be time consuming. However the new reaches of memory could usher in new eras of tech only dreamed about in books and movies, which means the future, and the immediate future at that, is going to be extremely interesting.

Round Smartphones Actually Exist

Can you imagine combining the smartphone era with the pocket watch one from 500 years ago? Someone did, and the result is a round smartphone that you can hang on a chain and sneak in your pocket.

Aubrey Anderson, George Arriola and Jason Proctor are the inventors of the gadget, and believe that the billions of people addicted to smartphones will appreciate their release. The Runcible, as the new device has been called, is actually meant to get you out of the closed circle of Facebook and Instagram checking. The round screen will let you use the internet though. Surprisingly, there are negotiations with Mozilla, and the interface will be adapted for the Runcible circular screen. The calls and messages will pop up as bubbles, so the look on this smartphone-old day watch gadget, whatever you call it, is different. The maps have been simplified and the GPS points the direction with a red arrow.

What the inventors really plan to develop further is the camera. Round pictures? Why not. One can zoom by rotating the round screen. Anderson, one of the people with the idea, said that he is an active user of iPhone 6 but thinks that it is too distracting. Like many folks at Bulletproof Coffee, he wants many other people like him to focus more on conversations and less on their phones.

Brontosaurus, as Real as it was Big

Brad Reifler | April 7, 2015

The Brontosaurus (Brontosaurus excelsus) “thunder lizard,” was lost for over a century in the annals of science stated social media. It existed in scientific records starting 1879, and in 1903, it disappeared. How can this happen, you ask. The politics of science is the answer.
Paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh and his team discovered the fossils of two long-necked dinosaurs in the western United States in the 1870s. Once examined, he named the first on as Apatosaurus ajax in 1877 and the secondBrontosaurus excelsus in 1879. In 1903 came the monkey wrench, a team of paleontologists discovered a fossil skeleton similar to the two discovered by Marsh. This one however, fit in between the two.
Scientists deemed that since all three were similar in nature, they must belong to the same genus. Since Apatosaurus was the first named, they should all be named in the Apatosaurus genus. Thus, once again, the Brontosaurus was dead.
Jump ahead to the age of technology that can measure these millions of years old bones at the microscopic level and once again, thunder lizard is back on the books. According to a study by British and Portuguese paleontologists, the Brontosaurus should have its own genus and it should include three other types of Brontosauruses.
“Generally, Brontosaurus can be distinguished from Apatosaurus most easily by its neck, which is higher and less wide,”says lead study author Emanuel Tschopp, a vertebrate paleontologist at the New University of Lisbon in Portugal. “So, although both are very massive and robust animals, Apatosaurus is even more extreme than Brontosaurus.”


The Latest News About Driverless Cars

Nissan has announced that it plans to have a driverless car ready for sale in Japan by next year. The first models will be useful for highway driving. Nissan plans to have automated cars suitable for city driving by 2020.

Nissan has also formed a partnership with NASA to develop the systems that will be used in driverless cars. The partnership will enable Nissan to work more quickly to develop safe and reliable automated cars. By 2016, Nissan expects to have automated cars that can use adaptive cruise control and lane guidance systems for use on highways. By 2018, Nissan expects its driverless cars to be able to change lanes and avoid obstacles on the road.

In related news, Delphi, the auto parts supplier, announced that its driverless Audi had successfully completed a cross-country trip of 3500 miles. The car traveled from San Francisco to New York. It was the first coast-to-trip undertaken by a driverless auto. The car passed through the District of Columbia and 15 states over nine days. It also successfully navigated such complicated driving situations as construction zones, aggressive drivers, tunnels, roundabouts and bad weather.

Car lovers at Homejoy were excited to learn that, despite the difficulties, the driverless car was fully automated for 99 percent of the trip. Delphi engineers will use data collected during the drive to further refine the technology used in a driverless car.