White Shark Media Cares About the Wishes of Their Clients

Quality companies ensure quality service as a result of the desires of their clients. Failure to recognize the needs of a client paints a negative picture of a company, and prospective consumers will rarely utilize the company at all as a result of negative reviews. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that delivers their clients online marketing solutions and strategies. Their clients range from small to large business owners, and they have greatly contributed to business capabilities throughout North America. To make matters better, White Shark Media Complaints actually listens to their clients’ complaints.

In the company’s blog, they discussed the top complaints that they receive from their clients and discussed how they have improved that area of their business. The top complaints included that their communication with clients was not good enough, that clients have lost touch with their AdWords campaigns, that the new changes to the campaigns were not as effective as the old ones, and that individuals designated to respond to clients do not seem to be connected with the client’s overall needs. White Shark Media Review then discussed how they improved all of these gray areas.

Discussing how they now provide clients with what they described as being the “ins and outs” of their company, and how their contact services make regular phone calls and are equipped with direct phone extensions, the digital marketing agency made sure to ease the growing tension from their clients. They also explained how experienced supervisors oversee every aspect of the campaign management process. Continuously demonstrating improved areas of business because they care about the clients, the agency is undoubtedly admirable for their attention to customer service.

Conclusively, people often ignore the importance of a business listening to feedback from their clients. When a business demonstrates that they care about their consumers, it is appealing for other prospective clients. White Shark Media Review often receives positive reviews as a result of the improvements they had made after listening to customer wishes. Staying ahead of the competition by being different in this respect, the digital marketing agency is undoubtedly an effective means to grow the capabilities of businesses of all sizes.

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Let Handy’s Spring Cleaner Improve Your Mood

As the seasons change and the temperature improves for the better, people become motivated to do things they otherwise would not do. The cold, gray winter months do not exactly lead to inspiration to clean up a home. Spring is known for spring cleaning for a good reason. The bright season invokes change. People want to make changes in their own lives. Among the ways to do this is to clean the interior of a home.

A spring cleaning does a lot to make an interior a cleaner and healthier environment in which to live. There is a psychological benefit to living in a nicer environment. The cleaner and fresher a home is, the more positive the vibes from the interior become.

Don’t be dismissive of the positive feelings a cleaner home can deliver. Walking into a dark, dirty, musty home is not exactly prone to making someone feel positive and upbeat. On the other hand, a beautiful interior is one that can put an individual into a very upbeat mood. A good mood has a ripple effect through a person’s attitude and this has a nice effect on outlooks and interactions.

Getting the work done on the interior might not prove to be very difficult. A few taps on a smartphone is all that is required once the Handy app is installed. Handy is a top home cleaning booking service that handles millions of dollars worth of service calls per year. The app allows people in need of home services to connect with highly responsible freelancers easily.

Once the cleaning work is done, the interior is going to embody a completely new and different feel. Going home after work will be less boorish since the drudgery of the interior is replaced with something much more positive.

And a clean home is one free of germs and other health issues. Besides improving a person’s disposition, a clean interior is going to be healthier to live in. The removal of mold and mildew from a bathroom or kitchen is going to have numerous beneficial results.

Wikipedia Content Improved By Talented Student Writers

The old saying goes that if you want something done right do it yourself, as many web business content writers try to do. Another option that Wikipedia engaged was to hire Wiki writers that were novice school going kids to get the job done as part of their school assignment. In a Times Higher Education article, Students at the University of Sydney are on a quest to improve Wikipedia’s encyclopedia content by writing articles on various topics regarding their academia as well as making necessary Wikipedia revisions and edits. 

Noting that “digital literacy is now a key requirement in the workplace,” teachers understand that random prompt writing is not appealing to students, but content that ill last online is seen as a useful writing activity. With the advent of social media and blogging, writers are interested in finding validation and a wide readership for their work, not just comments from their instructor. Learning to create and edit a Wikipedia page and real life articles with a worldwide readership gives practical experience that students crave and serve the many who use Wikipedia as their “go-to” source for information, and many of the existing articles are notorious for being poorly written and edited. Students who participated in the project got valuable feedback from Wikipedia editors, so it was a win–win for both Wikipedia and the students. 

It’s no secret in academia that students are sometimes scolded for using Wikipedia as a reliable research source; however, according to an article in Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, by Dr. Johinke and Frances Di Lauro, director of Sydney’s Writing Hub, states that students are using Wikipedia for a number of classes as a resource tool. With better research, content and editing, Wikipedia pieces are gaining respectability as an authentic source of information on a myriad of subjects. 

As web content writing is a large part of marketing and doing business in today’s economy, giving students real life web writing experiences prepares them for the competitive job market they will face after graduation. 

Wikipedia is an important source for businesses to promote their products and services. For those who need Wikipedia page creation done, but don’t have the time or writing skills to do it on your own, hiring Wiki writers to support your writing needs from a reputable service such as Get Your Wiki is an affordable solution!

Beauty Writer Goes for the Deep Cleanse with Wen by Chaz

If you’ve never heard about WEN by Chaz, then you’re missing out on the revolutionary, modern way to achieve healthy, bouncy, clean hair without the harmful detergents found in regular shampoos. Women around the world have discovered this unique method to maintain gorgeous hair. That’s why beauty writer Emily McClure of Bustle.com took the Wen 7-day cleansing conditioner trial. She wanted to see how the famous no-poo system would perform for her fine locks.

Emily chose the Fig cleansing conditioner and began her experiment following a long day of traveling by plane, train and yes, automobile. Her tresses were in limp, sorry condition by the time she got home, but she hit the shower and followed the 10-pump cleansing conditioner minimum amount. Emily suddenly noticed major volume and loved the shiny, soft results after her blow-dry.

Emily tracked her WEN progress with daily photos. She seemed to be getting comfortable with the WEN routine, until she skipped a key step. Emily decided to shower with WEN at night and skip the daily shower and cleanse. That’s when she noted flat, oily tresses.

On Day 3, Emily decided to keep on track with the regular WEN cleansing conditioner and again, her hair looked shiny and manageable. On Day 4, Emily woke up too late with zero time to cleanse with WEN, and again, her locks fell flat and greasy.

For the rest of the WEN experiment, Emily got back in the routine, getting up early to hit the shower and add the cleansing conditioner. Her facebook friends noticed the shine and bounce, and Emily enjoyed hearing the compliments.

Emily concluded that the WEN system is wonderful if you stick to the steps and shower daily. If you try and skip a day between washes, the Amazon available Wen product will not yield superior results.



Darius Fisher Pioneers PR Management

You probably haven’t heard of Darius Fisher or his company Status Labs, at least not explicitly — and that is largely by design. You have, however, likely seen their work behind the names of several high profile individuals. Status Labs is an online digital reputation management company that focuses on keeping their clients reputation squeaky clean and engaged toward a specific goal. Consider that Status Labs has clients in 35 different countries ranking from teachers to celebrities and all the way up to politicians. They are a busy company, to say the least.

Success hasn’t been hard to come by for this Texas based PR firm. Though Status Labs started just over a year ago they’ve already come so far. Status Labs has grown from a team of 25 individuals to a tight knit squad of 35 experts. Among these expert employees you will find professionals who specialize in SEO marketing, social media, public relations, and even creative writing. Though you would think that your reputation is an easy thing to control it really DOES take a whole group of hard workers to make it happen.

CEO Darius Fisher sits atop Status Labs on a throne made of hard work and extending himself toward causes that matter. Fisher made waves back in the summer of 2015 when he stood up for the victims of the Ashley Madison hacking. Of course Ashley Madison users were doing something wrong, engaging in a website around infidelity, but they were still people and they still had rights. since then Fisher has also gone on to take Status Labs’ first pro bono case: former Missouri Professor Melissa Click. Click saw her career ruined by an ill timed viral video, and now the company is hard at work to fix it.

Of course Fisher’s work doesn’t stop at the office. Fisher has made sure to keep Status Labs in the business of giving back. That is why Status Labs already has worked with several important charities across their home state of Texas: The Capital Food Bank of Texas, Urban Rots, Dress for Success, and even the Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas.

Bruce Levenson Auctions Off NBA Atlanta Hawks And Philips Arena

Bruce Levenson retained investment banking giant Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports on brucelevenson.com to sell the Atlanta Hawks. The auction package included selling the Philips Arena operating rights. Goldman Sachs presented Levenson with a price tag of $1 billion it believed it could fetch at auction.

When the bids came in, Bruce Levenson found himself short $270 million of the expected $1 billion. The winning bidder was Ares Management LP, an investment group led by Tony Ressler, former NBA player Grant Hill and entrepreneur Jesse Itzler. The gavel dropped on the bid $730 million.

While pre-auction estimates by many in the sports business sector thought that $1million was a realistic number for the Hawks and the Philips Arena, others balked and expressed much lower estimates. CNBC estimated a $900 million to $1 billion price tag was realistic, Forbes valued the Hawks at $825 million and Andrew Smith of Smith College Sports projecting a winning bid in the neighborhood of $700-$750 million.

Bruce Levenson on prnewswire acquired the Atlanta Hawks, NHL Atlanta Thrashers, and Philips Arena operating rights in 2004 for $250 million. Due to declining attendance, he sold the Thrashers, who would move to Winnipeg, in 2011 for $170 million.

Though Levenson will pocket a tidy sum from the sale, the overestimate by Goldman Sachs has to have many analysts wondering. The belief is that the overestimate of the Atlanta Hawks and the Philips Arena may have discouraged or deterred other potential investors from bidding and upping the winning bid.

Forbes valued the Atlanta Hawks, in 2014, at $425 million, but with the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks changing hands, and with newly television contracts in place, the price of NBA franchises escalated. Believing that this was a trend in its infancy, Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports overestimated the potential value of Levenson’s holdings. Such carelessness led to Levenson leaving a lot of cash on the table.

Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman creating the investment group, United Communications Group in 1977. Before his involvement with the United Communications Group, Bruce was a writer for Washington Star and Observer Publishing and a member of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Away from business, Bruce Levenson pursues philanthropic undertakings. He is a Bachelor of Arts graduate of Washington University and holds a Juris Doctor degree from American University.

QNet’s Business and Humanitarian Efforts Continue

The RYTHM Foundation wants positive vibes. Positive vibes do a lot to help people feel good. Sometimes, people need more than just positive thoughts. Clean drinking water is a must in areas where access to clean water is limited. QNet, the direct selling company, is helping to facilitate both positive thoughts and access to quality water.

QNET has partnered with the RYTHM Foundation for a very unique charitable endeavor. The RYTHM Foundation wants people to say very positive things on a Facebook post. To a great extent, positive commentary on social media would be greatly appreciated. Far too much time and effort is invested in negativity and bickering. Positive statements are surely welcome, especially ones that will make others feel good.

The posting of positive commentary on the RYTHM Foundation’s post is going to do more than generate good vibes. The posts are part of a process to help to young children in need.

An innovative idea for a great cause: http://goo.gl/7wqb9x#Taarana #billionhearts

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

QNet will donate two HomePure RED water purifiers to children’s schools. The first will be donated when the number of posts hits 500 and the second when the number hits 1,000. 

QNet has recently made news for public comments stated during International Women’s Day. At the time, QNet made a strong commitment to increase the presence of women entrepreneurs on the global direct selling team. QNet has also been in the media for its desire to increase charitable and humanitarian work. 

QNet is not a company with any intentions of sitting still. Management is always at work on coming up with a new impressive endeavor or concept.

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The Contributions of Bernardo Chua in the Corporate World

Bernardo Chua is among the top businesspersons in Asia, specifically the Philippines. He is well renowned for his great contribution in Gano Excel while working as an executive for the company in the Philippines. A testament to his great contribution was the expansion of Gano Excel from Philippines, Hong Kong, Canada and later the United States of America. Upon moving to the United States, California, he was declared the president of the Gano Excel U.S.A. Later on, his Facebook history shows Chua went ahead to establish his company, the Organo Gold in 2008.

Chua founded the Organo Gold in the same line of specialty, coffee business. Consequently, the Organo Gold consists of the numerous companies such as the Coffee Connoisseur and the Organo Gold. His primary goal was to continue selling an array of bioactive coffee commodities, which contained Ganoderma Lucidium. His vast knowledge about the Ganoderma is attributed to his Chinese heritage. The Chinese as well as other Asian people highly recommend the use of Ganoderma, which grows on logs.

Since the Ganoderma lucidium commodities were highly lucrative in the Asian countries, Chua wanted to venture into the Western market. Consequently, Chua has become a pioneer in marketing tea and coffee products with Ganoderma away from the Asian continent.

Accolades to Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold

Chua has been honored with various awards for his significant contribution in business through his company, the Organo Gold. In recent times, he was awarded the Dangal ng Bayan Award for his contributions to both the industry and business. The National Consumer Affairs Foundation established the awards in 1981 with an aim to acknowledge global standard Filipino commodities and achievers with the ability to influence the other Philippines to attain global success. In addition, Chua has received the Direct Sales Company of the Year accolade on five distinct occasions.

Organo Gold also received two accolades from the People’s Choice Awards for being a top company in international network marketing as well as its Gourmet healthy coffee product. The company has also received recognition from the National Shoppers Choice for being a premier direct selling firm in the food supplements category.

Continued Success of Organo Gold

Chua’s dedication towards the continued growth of his company cannot be underestimated. Through his business, he closely works with the leading producers of the Ganoderma product all over the globe to ensure that Organo provides quality products at an affordable cost. In a bid to stay ahead of the competitors, Chua provides funds for Ganoderma research endeavors to remain informed of any emerging developments in the product.  There’s a lot that Chua is doing with Organo, that you might not know about.  But all of it is interesting.

George Soros Support for Democracy and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton


George Soros, Founder of Open Society Foundations is known throughout the world for his support for democracy in over 100 countries. He formed Open Society Foundations to promote the values of open society, transparency, and human rights. Since 1979, Soros has traveled the world promoting philanthropy deeds for countries that are in need of democracy and social improvements. He believes the imperfectness of the world economies can be improved with the help of governments. Soros uses his philosophy education from London School of Economics and experience as hedge fund manager to make a difference in the world for millions of people.


In 2015 Politico reported, Soros contributed $8,025,000 to three democratic supportive organizations; Ready PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, and Priorities USA Action. The Federal Election Commission reported George Soros provided $25,000 in January 2015 to Ready PAC, an organization for presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Soros made a generous donation of $1 million in May to the American Bridge 21st Century. Priorities USA Action received $7 million in June and December of 2015. These organizations support democracy in the United States and cover subjects pertaining to political parties’ accountability and responsibilities for economic growth.


The Open Society Foundations organization takes a stand for citizens and countries around the globe. In the book, Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism written by George Soros, he explains to readers the meaning of open society. He said that open society ″stands for freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law, social justice, and social responsibility as a universal idea″. The concept of his organization comes from the philosophy of Karl Popper, which is ″to help build democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.″ Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton uses the same philosophy during her campaign.


The American Bridge PAC 21st Century is an organization that subjects Republicans to stand accountable for their actions and spoken words. George Soros believes all governments have the responsibilities to stand accountable to their citizens during crisis in economies. His $1 million contribution to American Bridge will help to further research and help Hillary Clinton defeat the enemies of the Republican party. Soros success as a businessman, philanthropist, and hedge fund manager have influenced his political empowerment to help reconstruct the structure of politics in many countries, including the United States.


Soros is one of the top financial contributors in 2015 to the democratic presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. He has donated more than $8 million to political organizations in the U.S. Soros is a citizen of Hungary and became a citizen of the U.S. in 1961. The first Open Society Foundation was launched in Budapest, Hungary and eventually expanded to Moscow, Eastern Europe, and Central America. Global democracy is the mission of one of the richest people in the world, George Soros.


The Latest Health Trend in Dog Food

There has been a new facebook trend lately in dog food dealing with the ingredients that are put into dog food. Dog owners are now realizing that there are many different fillers and additives that are very unhealthy for our animal friends. This has now put the pet owner community into a frenzy. They have been baffled by the fact that they have allowed their animals to eat such unhealthy food for so long. There is now a new push in the market for healthier dog foods that will actually be nutritious for pets. This is something that dog food companies are really picking up on lately. They now understand the crucial need for healthier dog foods. The options are now much wider than they used to be when it comes to the different brands that offer healthy natural dog food. These different brands are now all competing in the healthy dog food market for that number one spot.

Just like any industry, there are leaders in the healthy dog food market. Beneful has been one of these companies that has really been carrying the torch in the healthy and natural ingredient based dog foods. They have been at the head of the pack for many years as they were one of the innovators in this market. They have created many different types of dog food that cater to all different types of dogs. These different dog foods are great for active dogs, puppies, normal dogs, older dogs, or dogs that need to lose weight.

Beneful is really putting their money where their mouth is. They have spent millions of dollars branding their healthy dog food. Their ad campaigns are a push to not only let the public know of their brand, but also to educate the general public that there are healthy options when it comes to dog foods. Beneful is going strong as the leader in the healthy dog food market. The future looks very bright for Beneful as they continue to innovate new healthier dog foods. It will be exciting to see the new products that Beneful comes out with in the comming years.