Dating Apps and You: The Evolution of Skout

Once upon a time it was considered cringeworthy or ‘sub social’ to use online dating websites and applications in order to meet other people. Then the social networking crazy truly took off with Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook and the rest was history. Now we socialize more through the internet than we do in real life, at least if you fit the age demographic that populates the majority of websites like Facebook. In order to latch on to the craze and give people more of what they wanted Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom got in on the action.

Creating Skout
Wiklund and Lindstrom knew that social networking was the future back in 2007 when they joined forces in order to create ‘Skout’. Skout itself is the name of their company and also the name of their biggest program, a social networking application that focuses on anonymous connections and the possibility of blooming romance. The application hit full stride back in 2012 upon receiving $22 million in venture capital from some pretty big names in the tech world, including the former vice chair of AOL. That investment money turned into an iOS app and an Android app that soon had the company going toe to toe with other social networking giants.

Pushing Boundaries
At this point in time Skout has a user base of almost 500 million people. With a grid system of anonymous users as the home page, Skout members are actively encouraged to hook up and connect with random people all over the world. Skout has the option to put on geo tagging which keeps members on your home page restricted to specific cities or local areas. In any event, Skout encourages users to interact via chat, digital gifts, and even picture sharing. The system focuses more on new interactions rather than continuing old ones alas Facebook or Myspace.

With Skout firmly entrenched in the publics pockets the company is pushing forward to focus on a program like Fuse. Fuse is going to operate much like Snapchat but use some of Skouts functionality in order to make it work. Fuse focuses on a minimalist design that allows users to share messages via their address book on their phone or tablet. These messages can be prescribed ‘auto burn’ counters which destroy the message ‘3, 5, or 10 minutes’ after being opened. There is also the option to have the message delete itself forever.

Fuse focuses on keeping interactions grounded in real life with users attached to their cell phone. There are no profile pictures and no real friends list, just your address book. The application itself is free and available for download via iTunes or the Google Play store. The big hook in this application, versus what Snapchat already does, is that it keeps everything grounded in existing relationships. You won’t be added by random strangers on the internet and only people with a phone number will be able to interact with you. It’s a nifty and frugal look at safe on the go messaging.

Susan McGalla is part of the History of Businesswomen

A Slice of History for Women Entrepreneurs
The businesswoman does hold a place within history. The businesswomen has indeed been under scrutiny all throughout the course of time. Women have also achieved many great accomplishments and highly unique business experiences. It is very smart to view the past history and study it in order to learn from it as well as repeat the grand aspects of history too.

Success and the Businesswomen
This current time has shown much success for the female entrepreneurs. There are many past and present businesswomen that ought to be duly noted among history. Every woman in history has faced some challenges in the world of business. This day and age will allow us to view the past challenges that may be incorporated in our present business challenges. This will enable society to create more success for women in the business world at this time in history.

Culture and the Businesswoman
Culture has indeed played a role in the lives of many businesswomen. The workforce has been defined in many ways with cultural notions. The past has shaped many ideas surrounding women and business. The past views had dictated that the women had a place in the home and not necessarily in the business world. The years have guided these ideas and notions out of the home and led women into business and the workforce. The cultures have formed many of the ideas that have surrounded the business world. Many factors have had a role within success or failure for the businesswomen. The nineteenth century had seen more and more women who would dominate many business professions. They were stepping out of the domesticated roles and becoming successful businesswomen. The 1880s and the 1920s were the years that there was an increase in female entrepreneurs. Women were beginning to participate in all aspects of the business world. There have been many gender related ideas surrounding the businesswoman. These are ideas that have slowly moved out of the business world. Women and business ideas have continued to be redefined as the years have clearly shown.

Susan McGalla Played a Role in Redefining Business
Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman who has indeed played a role in the defining of women and business. This businesswoman has held numerous prominent positions in the world of business. She has even been the president of a highly prominent business. She is well versed in the areas of marketing. She has sat on the board of companies and has led and inspired many other women to hold a belief in themselves and pursue a career in business and entrepreneurship endeavors. Business has certainly seen many changes in regards to women. Susan McGalla has earned her place in the business history.

Slyce is Changing the World of Business

Since the very beginning of the internet, the world wide web has been utilized to find things. In the beginning this was as difficult as going through the library without a catalog, but over time it has become considerably easier. Eventually, search engines were added and people were quick to utilize these high quality engines. While search engines were great for finding items that you already knew the name of, they were not able to find you items based on an image. This was difficult for people that had a picture of a product, but could not find the name. While this has been a problem for many years, in the last few years several companies have started to establish a visual search engine.

Visual search engines are revolutionizing the way the internet works. These product recognition engines work by allowing people to input an image into the engine. The program thinks about the image that it is looking at and searches through the web. After a few seconds this program will output a high quality search result for you. Visual search engines are extremely important to the future of the important, and they have a wide variety of different purposes, including academia, business, and household uses.

While there are many visual search engines in development right now, one of the most popular options is Slyce. Slyce is currently the leading visual search engine among corporate brands. This particular search engine allows people to find products no matter where they are, by utilizing a high quality proprietary engine. Slyce has rigorously tested their own image to ensure that results are as accurate as possible. Knowing that you will get the right results when you utilize a search engine is critical to ensuring that you utilize this engine. People are expecting Slyce to revolutionize the retail industry, and many different businesses have chosen to partner with this wonderful company.

As the world of business continues to evolve it is extremely important that businesses utilize new and exciting technologies in order to draw new people in. One of the most important new tools to emerge is visual search technology. There are sure to be many new and exciting visual search engines to emerge, and one of the most exciting new visual search engines is Slyce. Slyce is going to change the way that people use the internet and shop for products in real life.

Why Should You Go For Hotspots?

Mobile hotspots reap the biggest rewards when you choose a company like FreedomPop that has ample number of hotspots all over the nation to satisfy even those users who tend to stay out most of the time. FreedomPop was one of the first few wireless carriers offering broadband and was founded 4 years ago in 2011. The company’s biggest USP is its ability to match affordability with quality. WIth tailormade plans that allow users to spend only as much as they use, FreedomPop has become the favorite wireless carrier in the nation. Their plans are extremely cheap and most beneficial to heavy users and their hotspot service is simple, affordable, convenient and fuss free.

Here are a few benefits of going for hotspots over other options –

Always Stay Connected – If you have a job that requires you to constantly stay in touch, even while travelling or on holiday, you would enjoy hotspot service because you are virtually connected all the time. You can check your emails, reply to quick work related issues, check your social media profiles, browse the internet while waiting for coffee, make bill payments and do so much more with hotspot.

No Need To Install Any Special Software – Hotspots don’t need you to install any software program or get any special hardware for connecting to them. All you need is your smartphone that has WiFi service. When you are in a hotspot area, you would be shown the same in your “available networks” category. Just connect to it and you are good to go!

Don’t Spend On Landlines – A lot of people simply get a landline for a broadband service even though they are not going to use it. As a result, a lot of money is wasted on landlines and broadband. If you are on the move all the time, why not invest in mobile hotspot instead? It would save you money spent on landlines and offer you great mobility at affordable prices.

Multiple Devices Supported – With hotspot plans, you can choose the number of devices that can be connected to the hotspot. For instance, if you have a laptop, a smartphone, tablet and an ebook reader, and you want to connect all of them to the hotspot, you can easily do so without any hassles. Most hotspot plans allow for 5 or less devices in one of their bands. It is affordable and convenient. Plus, it is pretty reliable as well. I recently downloaded the Google Play app to much avail.

Variety of Plans To Choose From – If you are a light user, why pay for extra limit? On the other hand, if you are a heavy user, shouldn’t you get some discount. By choosing a company like FreedomPop, you can have your cake and eat it too. They have a variety of plans that you can go for without wasting money.

Previously, FreedomPop ran all its customer service online and despite this, customer satisfaction was top notch. However, now the company is planning to make its services even better for its customers. If users have any problem with the 10 million hotspots of FreedomPop or their amazing plans, they would be treated to a revolutionized customer service system by the end of this year. Given the company’s track record of doing everything perfectly, this move is expected to grow the customer base of FreedomPop even further.

The Developing Future of Product Technology

One of the very first apps to use visual search technology was Google Goggles which enabled smartphone users to snap a picture and to instantly find information on that item. Online retailers have since taken that same technology and run with it. They have used it to their advantage, creating Image Recognition services that are effectively driving sales forward. Product Recognition technology allows users to take a picture of an item, that picture is then automatically analyzed by an online database. This process effectively searches online for that item at a store.

In the eyes of the consumer, the name of the store may be the most needed information. However, the name of the store is only one of the pieces of information generated by the database. Users will also discover the name, brand, and price of the product. Apps are readily available for download on any smartphone. One of the top technology companies honing this technology for these retailers is Slyce. The company is not only developing it, they are the world’s primary providers of it. Online retailers love product recognition so much because it has been proven to attract customers to their site.

Slyce is dedicated to helping with this. They will provide client companies with the right product recognition tools to connect shoppers and retailers. And Slyce and other product recognition development companies are not content to remain in the status quo. They are continuing to further develop the technology. The famous Apple technology giant is leading the way to this development. And at the moment Apple products remain the most popular technology company among consumers. Slyce, Apple, and other product recognition developers are trying to develop a product that will be much more accurate than the present faulty product.

All of this is why it is a very good idea for retail businesses to contact and work with Slyce. Assessing pictures in order to find products is not the only way Slyce can help a retailer. Slyce also provides apps that will scan information from coupons so that they are in the smartphone and can be displayed when needed. However this technology is utilized, there is no doubt that Product Recognition is and will continue to change the face of the shopping world. If you are a retail business of any kind, step on board and join the ride into the future! But cinch your seatbelt, the ride is about to get a whole lot faster.

Great Entrepreneurs and Their Contribution to the Economy

Russia is great economy and the recent economic policies that the government has been implementing have been accelerating its growth. As a result, the country have seen the emergence of great entrepreneurs like Alexei Beltyukov. Alexei is an investor whose expertise is widely recognised in Russia and Europe as a whole. He is well respected for his academic background and his touch of professionalism. He is an MBA holder from the ISEAD and also a member of the team of advisors serving in the Russian Ministry of Economy. Alexei is also a trained medical doctor apart from his business acumen.

Being a renowned entrepreneur, he is the founder and manager of a number of enterprises including A-venture Ltd. His investments have been careful protracted to touch on every industry and this diversification has enable the great entrepreneur to absorb most of the economic and financial constraints. He understands the need to diversify and to have business ventures spread all over in every industry as it the new current business trend for most investors. His ventures are in the energy sector with his New Gas Technologies Company, car repair business under his Mechanicus business, and capital management which is handled by his A-Ventures Management Company.

He has many other business engagements apart from the above mentioned and his services as a business guru are far much beyond serving his own interest. His selfless attitude towards life has been a major advantage that has raised his popularity as an ethical business man. Owing to this, Alexei has had the chance to be a board member of several organisations. He has served as a CEO of the Renova Group where he later became a board member. He also has served as the vice president the Brunswick which is a Russian based investment company.

Apparently the great entrepreneur of all time was once in the medical profession where he was doing very well. As a trained medical professional, his career was on the upward scale and his future as a medic was looking very promising. Nonetheless, his passion for business led him to a different path where today he is proud to have accepted the change of life course. Taking on business as his preferred career choice played out well for him and he also tried to include his skills to his former profession. He has been very instrumental in helping private hospitals in their business part of operations. He is a well-respected financial and business advisor.

Alexia is an entrepreneur who understands the need to give back to the community. Having been a beneficiary of a scholarship program, he has devoted some of his resources to do the same to younger generations who cannot afford an education. He is an ardent advocator of academic excellence and his efforts to support the same is seen through his financial commitment to support students in colleges. He is a very active member of several philanthropic groups that support the poor students and one of this groups is made up of his former classmates.

The Important Information About Erick Pulier As An Entreprenuer And Technologist

Eric Pulier was brought up in Teaneck in New Jersey. He started computer programming while in his fourth grade and thereafter he established Computer Database Company in his high school. In 1984 Mr Erick graduated from Teaneck High School where afterwards he went to Harvard University and graduated with BA. While in Harvard University, he majored in English, Visual and Environmental Studies, American Literature and Computer Science. During this time, he authored and edited a column for the Harvard Crimson”. He also enrolled for classes at MIT the neighbouring school.

So in short, Mr Erick is an Entrepreneur, Published author, Technologist, Public speaker, Columnist and philanthropist. Erick is a founded over 15 companies and also raised hundreds of million dollars for several projects he had has co-founded and others he has founded. Mr Erick Pulier has co-founded and founded Digital Evolution, Enterprise Cloud leadership Council that came to be TM Forum, media platform, United States Interactive, Desktone, Service Mesh and Akana.

Despite serving in private organization, Mr Erick has also served in the government of Bill Clinton. He was chosen amongst many entrepreneurs to build and run the activities of “Bridge to the 21st Century”. This was the venture that the government of U.S ordered to be established for Bill Clinton and AL Gore so to commemorate their second inauguration. This event went on for two days and took place in a Mall at Washington DC. Thousands of people including members of senate, congress and United States Supreme Court attended the inauguration. Mr. Eric Pulier was the talk of the day. He was featured everywhere in media houses in America focusing on how he made the event to successful.

Featuring on this event, Mr Erick divided the exhibition into different segments so to set out the impact of exponential technology that elaborated how beautiful we will live in the “Not-Distant Future”. These categories were as follows: Education, Community, healthcare, Entertainment, government, family, Environment and Space Exploration. Any of these segments, Mr Pulier contributed funds through personal donation and corporation. Mr Erick managed all constructions and controlled the event by ensuring smooth running of all computers, power, networking, press, staffing and security.

Later on, when Morley Winograd the Senior Domestic Policy Adviser of Vice president honorable Gore, Pulier was appointed as the Chairman of Center for Telecommunications management.He was also asked to join the management board to help in building the community. He proudly served in this board for 4 years.

He is a father of four children. These four serves on the Board of The Painted Turtle. This is a summer camp organization that cares for children with severe illness. Mr Erick and his family lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Ever Changing Business Technology

Business technology includes is the dependence of businesses on information technology to manage their business. This technology includes hardware and software applications that help a company manage its business, including its accounting practices and communications. Using technology effectively can assist a business with its bookkeeping, increase its productivity, and improve its customer service. Business technology is ever-changing, and companies who keep up to date with advancements are equipped to quickly respond to their customers and coworkers, to be productive, and to work globally and competitively.

There have been advancements in business technology in both hardware and software. Laptops and notebooks make it easier to take your work with you and ability to communicate with your workplace and customers. Accounting and word processing software have become more user friendly and run more effectively. Also, companies are utilizing the internet even more to help sell their products or services, advertise, and communicate.

Communications technology has come a long way from a desk phone with an answering machine. Today, cell phones are a necessity so that you or an employee can easily be reached if a problem arises or a customer needs immediate assistance. The communication with cell phones can be by talking, text messaging, accessing social networks, or accessing your email account. If you need to stay home due to an illness or need to handle a business matter during time away from work, telecommuting makes it simple to stay in touch with the office via email, texting, or other means. Sharing documents and relaying other information is much more simple and quick than in past times.

Shaygan Kheradpir obtained his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He is a business technology executive and has held jobs at GTE Laboratories, where he eventually became CEO; Verizon; and Barclays, a British multinational banking and financial services company. His last position was as CEO of Juniper Networks, a corporation which develops and markets networking products, such as routers, network management software, network security products,and others.

By using business technology correctly, a company can be more efficient, improve client communications, and market their products or services. Working away from the office is much easier than in the past, with hardware becoming smaller, lighter, and easier to carry with you. The increased ability to communicate with customers and coworkers minimizes distance and lessens response times to any questions. This technology is ever-changing, and it is very advantageous for a business to up-to-date on those changes.

The Skout Network Can Be A Place For Anyone To Have Fun

The Skout network has been around for years, and the network has helped many people achieve different goals. Some people use the Skout network in order to find love, and it’s not impossible with so many people on the network. The network now boasts over 220 million users, which is an amazing amount of users on one network. Skout is one of the biggest social media networks online, and people from all over the world are on the network. In fact, Skout is in over 180 countries around the world, and there are 14 languages on the network, so most people are able to communicate with each other.

Although Skout is great for socializing, many people use the network to find love. Skout is a great meeting place for those who are also looking to start groups, find friends, and even chat with each other. Skout isn’t only a place to look for love, so everyone is invited to join the fun. Skout has many features that bring in different members, and a lot of those features will keep people coming back for more. The Skout Travel feature is somewhat new, but it’s an amazing feature that many people love.

Skout Travel allows anyone on the network to virtually travel to any destination that is available through the feature. Many people like to travel to coastal areas like San Francisco, and people even love traveling overseas to countries like Australia and Africa. Using the Skout Travel feature is fairly simple, and it only costs 25 scout points. For those who are uninformed, Skout points are similar to real money, but the points are only usable on the Skout network. In order to purchase Skout points, one must use their credit or debit card to purchase the points, and then they will be added directly to the person’s account.

Many people tend to keep Skout points on hand, just in case they want to use certain features on the network. Not only does Skout Travel require points, but sending greetings as well as some other features will require Skout points. The points are very low in cost, and they can be very useful for anyone who wants to access all the features that Skout has to offer. Anyone who has not yet joined the Skout network should really consider doing so because 220 million people can’t be wrong.

The Skout network is a place where many people like to socialize, and love is also in the air on the network. The millions of people that go to the Skout network every month are doing so because they have a lot of fun on the network. Although there are many other social media websites that claim they are the best out there, the fact that Skout has so many users may prove the other websites are really only second best. Join Skout today, and see why everyone is going crazy over the network, and see what the network has to offer.

Freedom Pop is Offering a Steal on Cell Service

If you are paying too much for cell service than FreedomPop is talking directly to you when they say ditch your provider and start saving today! FreedomPop started in LA as a mobile startup in 2012. They recently announced closing a $30 million funding campaign after saying no to many different acquisition offers. FreedomPops ground floor investor was Skype founder Niklas Zennstom and has raised 49 million dollars in the past three years.

What They Are Offering

FreedomPop currently offers a free package of talk time, text messaging and mobile data to users in the United States. The package includes 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages and use of 500mb of data each month at no charge. You can become a paid subscriber though and receive unlimited text, data and talk time for an incredibly low rate of $20 a month. They also offer similar packages to subscribers throughout the U.K. and in some Latin American countries. FreedomPop hopes to have 1 million subscribers before the 3rd quarter of 2015.

How to Get Connected to the Freedom of Saving

To get connected with FreedomPop in the United States, you must purchase a FreedomPop phone that would most likely be a refurbished HTC or Samsung Device. The other alternative is to connect an old Sprint phone to their network. FreedomPop purchases its data and voice capacity from Sprint.If you decide to subscribe to the free service but find yourself in need of additional talk time, text messaging or data access, you can purchase additional minutes, messages or MBs of data at a great low rate as well directly from FreedomPop. A typical monthly rate for a talk, text and data plan is a minimum of $35. FreedomPop averages between $7 and $7.50 per each subscriber a month. That is a significant difference. What is even more surprising is that only 49% of their subscribers spend money on service with them each month. What FreedomPop is offering is what people need from a service provider, great service, great prices and awesome customer service.