Sanjay Shah Shares Story of Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Sanjay Shah and his firm, Solo Capital, were featured in a recent article for PR Newswire about Shah’s incredible success in is professional life and latest philanthropic endeavor. Shah established Solo Capital as a global brokerage firm with headquarters in London. He interviewed by Eric Dye of Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio about his personal story of accomplishments as an investor and wealth manager. In the interview, Shah was asked to share his advice as a respected entrepreneur so that other businessmen looking to replicate his success could hear the secrets to his achievements. The most essential advice that Shah had to share was that it takes more money and resources than you initially plan for to get a new business venture off the ground. In addition, Shah cautioned that new entrepreneurs should be prepared to outsource various tasks in order to focus their time and energy on getting their new business to take off.

Although Shah has been incredibly successful at paving the way for his professional development, his personal life has come with its fair share of challenges. Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism several years ago. This personal crisis was the motivation for Shah to launch his own foundation to support autism research and awareness. He established Autism Rocks in 2014 with the help of various celebrities, including Snoop Dogg. The premise behind his charity, Autism Rocks, is that the organization hosts various concerts with famous artists. The proceeds from the ticket sales are donated to fund neurological research focused on autism as well as awareness initiatives to increase the general public’s understanding of autism.

Shah has been such an innovator with Autism Rocks that he is almost more recognized as a philanthropist than an investor. He has forged connections with big name recording artists and continues to expand his network of celebrities involved in the cause. Shah is known for putting famous faces on the fight for autism awareness. Through Autism Rocks, Shah has made autism an extremely popular cause for other charity organizations and celebrities. He continues to be inspired by his son’s struggles everyday.


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The Importance of Video

Video is becoming increasingly important on the Internet, especially with the technology that is available. Now, it is easier than ever to put together a professional quality video for marketing such as email marketing. People can put together a high quality production without having to pay tons of money. With a professional quality video, people will be more likely to buy the product that is being promoted. For one thing, they will have a better look at the product. They will also get a better idea about how the product works with video as opposed to a text only marketing campaign.

Among the companies that is making it easier to use video is Talk Fusion, which is one of the most innovative apps in the industry. Not only does it allow people to see who they are talking to with video, they also get to experience high quality images and smooth playback because of the technology available. Talk Fusion is available as an app for all kinds of devices. People can use Talk Fusion video chat for any type of device they have. This is part of what makes Talk Fusion one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Video chat is one of the best things that the user could use when it comes to chatting with others. Marketing is also a good platform for video. Studies have shown that video marketing actually increases sales. It makes perfect sense. For one thing, people see the product that is being marketed to them. If they like what they see, then they will be more likely to pay for the product. This is especially true in the days of Internet and shrinking attention spans. Audiences are more engaged in marketing when it comes to video content. It is also more creative to use video in email marketing.


ClassDojo Looks to Keep Parents Engaged through their Smartphones

ClassDojo, a smartphone app designed to keep parents connected to their children’s classrooms, recently secured $21 million in additional funding. The company, cofounded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, closed their Series B round of venture funding in late 2015. Planning to use the funding to expand their design team, Chaudhary and Don also hope to bring new features to further help parents stay involved in their child’s education.

Currently, ClassDojo is backed by a variety of leading investors. The startup is supported by Imagine K12, now a part of Y Combinator, as a graduate of the education tech accelerator program. General Catalyst, GSV, SV Angel, SoftTech VC, Shasta Ventures, Reach Capital, SignalFire, and others have also backed the startup.

Founded in 2001, San Francisco-based ClassDojo looked to fill a void by providing a way for educators and parents to quickly communicate and share details of a child’s educational progress. The app, currently in use by an estimated 85,000 schools, allows teachers to publish current schedules including any planned activities. It also allows teachers to share photos or videos of the classroom throughout the day, providing an easy way for parents to monitor participation and recent accomplishments.

The app includes a variety of functions. Private, direct messaging allows teachers and parents to communicate quickly should the need arise. The messaging feature also includes built in translation functions in up to 35 languages, allowing teachers and parents to communicate in a way with which they are most comfortable. Teachers can also send out group announcements to all parents associated with a particular class.

To date, ClassDojo has raised $31 million in venture funding to support the apps ongoing development and distribution. At this time, the startup has not generated any revenue as it focuses on other intrinsic values. The company has voiced its commitment to always remain free for teachers.

The cofounders also stress that there is no intention to profit from user data, understanding the sensitive nature of data surrounding children. Instead, the 25-person startup is looking to develop premium features that parents could access for an additional fee.

Currently, the app can be accessed on Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle devices through their respective app stores, as well as through any desktop computer.

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Beneful Provides The Best Products For The Best Customers

Beneful by Nestle PurinaStore has many different types of dog food to choose from. They have dry dog food and wet dog food for their loyal customers to choose from. Beneful is one of the best dog food brands out there due to the fact that it is packed with nutrition and still maintains flavor for its furry customers. Many pets will walk away from a full bowl of food if what they are eating is not delicious. Thanks to the amount of deliciousness in every bowl of Beneful there is never a dog that walks away from their food bowl if Beneful is in there. Some of the products that Beneful has that are extremely popular among facebook dog owner groups under the category of dry dog food Beneful originals and their Beneful incredibites. Beneful originals were created for larger dogs and Beneful incredibites were created for smaller dogs. There are three different flavors of Beneful Originals. These flavors include Real Beef, Real Chicken, and Real Salmon. As for Beneful incredibites, there are just two different flavors, which are real beef and real chicken. Beneful also offers incredibites in a wet dog food version (, so that if you have a small dog that doesn’t like dry dog food they can eat the incredibites wet dog food. The incredibites wet dog food comes in chicken, beef, and salmon so if your dog eats wet dog food instead of dry dog food they have one more food flavor option which is the salmon. Beneful also offers dog treats as long as dog food and their most popular dog treat they currently sell is the healthy smile dental ridges or the healthy smile dental twists as they come in mini, small/medium, and large sizes so any size dog can enjoy them. The dental twists and ridges were made to keep your dog’s teeth squeaky clean and prevent plaque build-up on your dog’s teeth.

Andy With Speaks Out on Alpine Meadow Gondola

Skiers and snowboarders have long wished that Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows were connected. After all, one can see the other resort from the mountain top of either. Now, Andy Wirth, CEO of both resorts says that will soon be a reality with the construction of a gondola from Squaw Valley, up and over the ridge between the two mountains, and down to the bottom of Alpine Meadows, according to an op-ed published via Powder Magazine.

Almost 25 percent of enthusiasts enjoy both resorts on the same day during trips to the area. In order to make this a reality, however, Andy is asking for the support of skiers to overcome a little local opposition. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy  Wirth says that the gondola will connect the two resorts in a manner similar to the way that Whistler and Blackcomb Resorts are connected making it easy for winter outdoor enthusiasts to experience both resorts.

Andy Wirth says that the connection would not be possible without the cooperation of Troy Caldwell who owns the 460-acre stretch called White Wolf including the land where the top of Squaw Valley’s legendary KT-22 lift is currently located. Andy points out that event if lack of snowfall keeps KT-22 from being operational, the gondola will still operate which will be great news for skiers trying to get from one resort to the other. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy says that one of the understandable criticisms of constructing the gondola is that it will ruin the unique heritage of the area. He says that he does not believe that will occur.Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

He says that ever since his grandfather, a backcountry ranger, took him into the mountains that he has valued their heritage. In fact, he loves the mountains and wants to preserve their heritage by letting more people fall in love with the things that make them unique including the federally protected wilderness area.

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The Financial Advocate

Anyone linked to the global financial market place is deemed untrustworthy, manipulative and the perpetrator of the 2007 financial crisis. When an entire sector is deemed dishonest it is hard for an individual to combat their public image against majority opinion. The only way to rise above the negativity is to have a history that shows a consistent honorable past. Helane L. Morrison is the epitome of a honorable advocate among the general distrust in the financial marketplace. This stems from years of exposing and litigating violations of security laws and being vigilant in exposing corrupt traders within the industry. Yes, Morrison was working in the private financial industry but she was working with it to create a responsible and honest financial marketplace.

With decades of experience in fixing the financial system Morrison began to notice another inequality in the securities sphere- the lack of women. Now Morrison is advocating for the inclusion of more women into the financial industry. This includes working with Hall Capital, an investment advisory firm in San Francisco, and an all-female led company. Hall Company emphasizes flexibility and resiliency in the workplace for women. It should be of no surprise that Morrison has joined a company advocating for equality in the financial workplace when she has been a decade’s long advocate for compliance and equality for all firms and companies.

Unsurprisingly Helane L. Morrison’s education and early working years are an accolade of sorts. She received her B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern and J.D. from University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. Her career began as serving as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. After her service with the Judiciary Branch she served in a private practice focused on private securities and the SEC. For almost a decade Morrison was the head of the San Francisco Office of the SEC which included securities litigation and enforcement. She was the face of the SEC in all legal and media matters, ensuring the right protocols were being followed and clearly communicated for private and public financial security needs.

White Shark Media Cares About the Wishes of Their Clients

Quality companies ensure quality service as a result of the desires of their clients. Failure to recognize the needs of a client paints a negative picture of a company, and prospective consumers will rarely utilize the company at all as a result of negative reviews. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that delivers their clients online marketing solutions and strategies. Their clients range from small to large business owners, and they have greatly contributed to business capabilities throughout North America. To make matters better, White Shark Media Complaints actually listens to their clients’ complaints.

In the company’s blog, they discussed the top complaints that they receive from their clients and discussed how they have improved that area of their business. The top complaints included that their communication with clients was not good enough, that clients have lost touch with their AdWords campaigns, that the new changes to the campaigns were not as effective as the old ones, and that individuals designated to respond to clients do not seem to be connected with the client’s overall needs. White Shark Media Review then discussed how they improved all of these gray areas.

Discussing how they now provide clients with what they described as being the “ins and outs” of their company, and how their contact services make regular phone calls and are equipped with direct phone extensions, the digital marketing agency made sure to ease the growing tension from their clients. They also explained how experienced supervisors oversee every aspect of the campaign management process. Continuously demonstrating improved areas of business because they care about the clients, the agency is undoubtedly admirable for their attention to customer service.

Conclusively, people often ignore the importance of a business listening to feedback from their clients. When a business demonstrates that they care about their consumers, it is appealing for other prospective clients. White Shark Media Review often receives positive reviews as a result of the improvements they had made after listening to customer wishes. Staying ahead of the competition by being different in this respect, the digital marketing agency is undoubtedly an effective means to grow the capabilities of businesses of all sizes.

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Let Handy’s Spring Cleaner Improve Your Mood

As the seasons change and the temperature improves for the better, people become motivated to do things they otherwise would not do. The cold, gray winter months do not exactly lead to inspiration to clean up a home. Spring is known for spring cleaning for a good reason. The bright season invokes change. People want to make changes in their own lives. Among the ways to do this is to clean the interior of a home.

A spring cleaning does a lot to make an interior a cleaner and healthier environment in which to live. There is a psychological benefit to living in a nicer environment. The cleaner and fresher a home is, the more positive the vibes from the interior become.

Don’t be dismissive of the positive feelings a cleaner home can deliver. Walking into a dark, dirty, musty home is not exactly prone to making someone feel positive and upbeat. On the other hand, a beautiful interior is one that can put an individual into a very upbeat mood. A good mood has a ripple effect through a person’s attitude and this has a nice effect on outlooks and interactions.

Getting the work done on the interior might not prove to be very difficult. A few taps on a smartphone is all that is required once the Handy app is installed. Handy is a top home cleaning booking service that handles millions of dollars worth of service calls per year. The app allows people in need of home services to connect with highly responsible freelancers easily.

Once the cleaning work is done, the interior is going to embody a completely new and different feel. Going home after work will be less boorish since the drudgery of the interior is replaced with something much more positive.

And a clean home is one free of germs and other health issues. Besides improving a person’s disposition, a clean interior is going to be healthier to live in. The removal of mold and mildew from a bathroom or kitchen is going to have numerous beneficial results.

Wikipedia Content Improved By Talented Student Writers

The old saying goes that if you want something done right do it yourself, as many web business content writers try to do. Another option that Wikipedia engaged was to hire Wiki writers that were novice school going kids to get the job done as part of their school assignment. In a Times Higher Education article, Students at the University of Sydney are on a quest to improve Wikipedia’s encyclopedia content by writing articles on various topics regarding their academia as well as making necessary Wikipedia revisions and edits. 

Noting that “digital literacy is now a key requirement in the workplace,” teachers understand that random prompt writing is not appealing to students, but content that ill last online is seen as a useful writing activity. With the advent of social media and blogging, writers are interested in finding validation and a wide readership for their work, not just comments from their instructor. Learning to create and edit a Wikipedia page and real life articles with a worldwide readership gives practical experience that students crave and serve the many who use Wikipedia as their “go-to” source for information, and many of the existing articles are notorious for being poorly written and edited. Students who participated in the project got valuable feedback from Wikipedia editors, so it was a win–win for both Wikipedia and the students. 

It’s no secret in academia that students are sometimes scolded for using Wikipedia as a reliable research source; however, according to an article in Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, by Dr. Johinke and Frances Di Lauro, director of Sydney’s Writing Hub, states that students are using Wikipedia for a number of classes as a resource tool. With better research, content and editing, Wikipedia pieces are gaining respectability as an authentic source of information on a myriad of subjects. 

As web content writing is a large part of marketing and doing business in today’s economy, giving students real life web writing experiences prepares them for the competitive job market they will face after graduation. 

Wikipedia is an important source for businesses to promote their products and services. For those who need Wikipedia page creation done, but don’t have the time or writing skills to do it on your own, hiring Wiki writers to support your writing needs from a reputable service such as Get Your Wiki is an affordable solution!

Beauty Writer Goes for the Deep Cleanse with Wen by Chaz

If you’ve never heard about WEN by Chaz, then you’re missing out on the revolutionary, modern way to achieve healthy, bouncy, clean hair without the harmful detergents found in regular shampoos. Women around the world have discovered this unique method to maintain gorgeous hair. That’s why beauty writer Emily McClure of took the Wen 7-day cleansing conditioner trial. She wanted to see how the famous no-poo system would perform for her fine locks.

Emily chose the Fig cleansing conditioner and began her experiment following a long day of traveling by plane, train and yes, automobile. Her tresses were in limp, sorry condition by the time she got home, but she hit the shower and followed the 10-pump cleansing conditioner minimum amount. Emily suddenly noticed major volume and loved the shiny, soft results after her blow-dry.

Emily tracked her WEN progress with daily photos. She seemed to be getting comfortable with the WEN routine, until she skipped a key step. Emily decided to shower with WEN at night and skip the daily shower and cleanse. That’s when she noted flat, oily tresses.

On Day 3, Emily decided to keep on track with the regular WEN cleansing conditioner and again, her hair looked shiny and manageable. On Day 4, Emily woke up too late with zero time to cleanse with WEN, and again, her locks fell flat and greasy.

For the rest of the WEN experiment, Emily got back in the routine, getting up early to hit the shower and add the cleansing conditioner. Her facebook friends noticed the shine and bounce, and Emily enjoyed hearing the compliments.

Emily concluded that the WEN system is wonderful if you stick to the steps and shower daily. If you try and skip a day between washes, the Amazon available Wen product will not yield superior results.